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The Bards Tale IV director’s cut was released on consoles digitally last week. I’m not quite sure what the problems were when it first released on PC last year but I been thoroughly enjoying the first few hours of the game. Music is fantastic.


Control keeps looking better and better


Tried playing Tarzan for PS1 on my PS3 and it kind of works. If you try to save or go into options the screen goes black and freezes. I have no idea if it’s the game or that I’m playing it on a PS3. Are there some PS1 games that don’t work on PS3?


I prefer Resurrection of Evil over the base game. Don’t know of any other games where I like the expansion better.


Was in the mood to play SNES games based on movies based on television shows from the 60’s developed by ocean software.


Picked this up yesterday. Have to wait till tonight to play some more. Also Happy 4th of July from Canada.


I played FFTA years on emulator. Now I’m playing it on the real thing.


This is amazing. Definitely check it out. Two Best Sisters Play RDR2


This is amazing. Definitely check it out. Two Best Sisters Play RDR2


Look what came in the mail today. Should keep me busy till September..............or till Saturday.


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