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My Quest to buy a 'Candy cab' Arcade cabinet!

Some may remember that about a year ago when MGS4 came out, I was on a quest to sell a lot of my consoles and get a PS3 plus that game. Well it worked and I reached my goal! But now I am facing a much harder task one that will require luck ...


Someone, please help me find a ntsc snes.

I have loads of snes games. A lot of good ones as well. But i don't have a snes anymore, well at least not a working one. I have a converter for ntsc to pal but the problem is that super metroid detects the converter and pisses on my chance...


A week of epic. i passed exams, MGS4, football.

So this week was pretty much amazing. Not only did mgs4 come out, I passed my exams. Means I rock at the momenr. So what happened this week that made this week so epic? More like EPIC. First lets go over saturday: hideo kojima came to amst...


Ok I have MGS4. Me is happy. no spoilers ofcourse

Ok im back from the shop. I have my copy of mgs. I already popped it in my ps3, now all I have to do is plaaaayyyyyyy. 1 minute later edit: all I have to do is playyyyyyy, AFTER it installs :( 8 mins later edit: omg omg omg omg omg 10min ...


I has ps3. And i touched MGS4

Well I woke up today to my sister hitting me on the head to get me out of bed. It worked, but I noticed she was home, Can't be I said. She skipped school with no reason. And wanted to go to town. I agreed and to be sure took my ps3 money wi...


Wow EA your football 'simulator' sucks.

I love football. I think it rocks, If you were lured in here cause you thought this was about madden then you fail. this about the european version of win. For you americans its called soccer. for the rest of the world it's football. I...


What is the second game i should get for my ps3?

So i'm getting the mgs4 ps3 bundle, and after I have completed the game I am going to want a second game. What should I get ? I have a list of games that look interesting. Warhawk I looks like fun and I think it will be a good game to p...


scammers keep me from the second hand market

Because of metal gear solid 4 I am now in the market for a ps3. I love buying new consoles. I love going real early to a store the day after I got enough money to buy a console. I love picking the new console up from the stand and looking...


your favorite game music accapella. EPIC?

Well if you are bored and have nothing to do then check these songs out. they are pretty short but fun enough to well have fun. there are final fantasy songs, zelda, donkey kong. all done in sweet mouth sounds. links adventure


"If you love it, change it": Dead Rising

ahhhhhhhh, dead rising. some people say its perfect. it isn't. it has loads of flaws. but the game idea itself is so good and so well executed that the flaws don't matter. If a DR2 comes out then these flaws should be fixed. first the s...


My gaming rig (update in a way)

I've been gaming since 1998. In all that time i've pretty much devoted all my time in to playing games. but that means you have to have a lot of stuff to fill that time. I have loads of stuff. What you are gonna see in these pics isn't even...


About maxio098uione of us since 4:50 PM on 12.03.2006


Hi, my name is Maxwell.
I love the following things: football, football(yes I did type it twice. football is not called soccer), games, spicy food, noodles, and wearing sunglasses.

The games that are on top of my list are: Metal Gear Solid (all four are great), the first two Syphon Filter, Pro Evo Soccer, Final Fantasy (9 in particulair), Gran Turismo, Forza 2, king of fighters 98, Star Fox, Spyro(yes the dragon), Resident Evil, Phoenix Wright, and many more.

At the moment I can't play games that are not shoot 'm up. I don't know why this is but these are the only games that excite me at the moment. Games like: Ikaruga, Mars Matrix, DoDonPachi, Thunder Force, and R-Type.

the games im playing now: ikaruga, FF V, maken x (jap), dodonpachi.
I own alot of consoles: sega dreamcast, megadrive, saturn, ps2, ps1, snes, nes, n64, and a arcade machine.

Xfire: maxio098ui
msn: [email protected]
Skype: Maxio098ui

Xbox LIVE:lucky8ball098
Mii code:[email protected]


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