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Handhelds: East vs West

As of right now, there is a fracture between Western and Eastern markets that is causing a fair bit of uncertainty in the industry. For all extents and purposes the handheld market is drying up in America. With the rise of high end phon...


MAG: Free to Play or Free to Pass?

Amesome community blog contest holder Ckarasu is running a contest on breaking down the free to play model in certain games. This is my first entry. MAG is a "Massive Action Game" that was released early last year by Sony Entertainment....


Rapid Angel Contest Result: SURPRISE ENDING!

Now let it be known that I quite suck at choosing one person over another in a bout of awesome. These were some awesome entrants and all of them scratched my fanboy itch. We had some Batman, Tank Girl, Dead or Alive, Venom and Green Lant...


Rapid Angel Contest Reminder: ENDS TONIGHT!

So far I've received quite a few quality entrants. Also, some non-entrants. However, I still think there are those people out there that want a free game! So, this is the reminder that the contest closes tonight at 10pm. I guess I'll ...


The "I've Entered Too Many Contests" Contest

Rough Translation: CONTEST TIME! In honor of what has been a great two weeks of discussion on Digital Distribution, I've decided to hold a little contest. Okay, actually I entered in two separate contests and won the same digital game. ...

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Disgaea 4 is Changing

Disgaea 4 is coming out in September for North America with Europe following a bit later. It is the first SRPG in the world to adopt fully realized online features. This has had me on the edge of my seat since I first found out about it...


Freedom: Jetpacks

We as gamers truly take many of our freedoms for granted. We get the opportunity to play with so many different things in this hobby. The amount of imagination and thought that goes in to the process of making these games is mind boggli...

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Jim Sterling, Opinions and Metacritic

I am writing all of this, because I'm tired of seeing Jim get ragged on. Not because I personally have any issue with him being ragged on, I really don't mind that. I mind when people seem to demean me as a reader because they have some...


Happy Birthday Sonic!

Direct Link 453mb .MP4 Download Episode 68: Sonic the Hedgehog Today is Sonic's day of birth and I thought I'd repost the most dedicated Sonic thing I've ever done. If you want, download the full version as it is of much better quality ...



I would consider myself to be a strong boxer in the UFC. That's kinda why they call me the Headhunter. Sure, I don't quite have that one punch knockout power, but I will make sure people leave the ring looking a lot uglier than me. Tha...


Review: Sequence

Sequence Available for Xbox Live Indie Games Created by Iridium Studios 240 MS Points There is a threshold that gamers have to cross when it comes to indie games on the marketplace. If it isn't 80 MS Points, then you have something to p...


E3 2011: Exceeding Imagination Awards

E3 2011 is gone now. Tokyo Game Show, PAX and other conventions will keep us satiated until next year, but they won't have the same excitement as E3 did. I was sick all week, and had the pleasure of seeing all the press conferences an...


Nintendo's E3 2011: Was It In You?

Note: I apologize for the slightly confused way in which this was written. I tried multiple times to write it some other more technical way, but it was an experience in madness that had to come out through a first person telling. What th...


Sony's E3 2011: Into Uncharted Waters

This was a big show for Sony. Sony had to come in to E3 and address the issues of "the PSN outage." From there they had to build momentum to the big reveal of what they planned on doing with their Next Generation Portable. They had to ...


Microsoft's E3 2011: Everything Old is New Again.

So Microsoft had their big E3 presentation earlier today and it was certainly big. However, it was vaguely familiar. We had top industry figures coming out and making excellent claims while showcasing what will be the biggest games of t...


A Happy Hobbyist's Haul: May Was So Good to Me

May was an awesome month for me and my hobby. Why? Good of you to ask kind sir or madam. Games. I gots them. A LOT of them. Total amount spent this month on gaming: $2.50 + Tax. You read that right ladies and gentlemen. Less than ...


Comics in Games: The Best of Marvel 1994

I was recently rereading a trade that I picked up 17 years ago called The Best of Marvel 1994. Sadly, if this was the best Marvel had to offer, you won't have missed much. It did attempt to showcase how Marvel was trying bring about a l...

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