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Your holiday top 5?

With Christmas around the corner, I was wondering what you guys would pick as your top 5 games to receive this holiday season. Stick with games released recently, or games that will be releasing just around the corner. What would you love t...


In light of the PS3 bashing from the media...

I think this stems from the new "trend" to buy only products Made in the U.S.A. (here in the states). Think about it.. I work at QVC taking orders, and have had people call in and cancel orders because they're made in foreign countries. C...


So ya... MGS4

I got the Metal gear Solid 4 demo from my friend (under the employ of gamestop, woot) and uhm.. I've gotta say it's badassery. When I get more time to sit down and critique it, I'll definitely do so.


So i'm gonna buy a ps3 tomorrow... er today

indeed. the time has come for me to venture forth and procure a ps3! after accumulating approx $400 from my birthday last week, i am going to set out and buy the 60gb model tomorrow. what a way to commemorate columbus and all his explorator...


Woot! 21!

So today's my birthday, and i turned 21! woohoo! but yeah, dilemma. I am still on the fence about getting a ps3 now or waiting (obviously i'm going to see what's announced on october 12th, hopefully a long-awaited price drop) i asked for ...


so i'm saving up...

i'm planning on buying a ps3 this fall after my birthday monies come in. i'm wondering, however, if it's worth the money to buy an 80gb ps3 vs the 60gb one. the 60gb has the backwards compatability, and i'd save $100 to use to get some game...


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Final Fantasy Tactics: Best RTS ever!
Final Fantasy VII: best rpg ever! (under dispute with chrono of course)

Killzone: kicks Halo's single-player ass
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XBOX 360, PS3, Wii?
eh, i'll take a ps3.
but i give love to the 360 and the wii.
all three win in my book.
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