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That was a shitty direct and it actually made me feel a bit bad for owning a Switch since theres nothing but old ass ports on it and the online implementation is god awful. Well it was fun being a console gamer while it lasted.


You know how I know a game is busted and stupid beyond belief? I can only have fun when I make for damn sure no else is. Welcome to MTG Control. Where the only good spell is a countered or exiled one.


The perfect cake for the perfect Dtoider. Happy birthday Dere!


Happy birthday Hlarge! Now fight the minotaur!


Soul Calibur VI Devs: "If this game fails, we won't make the next one!" Me: "So you're saying if people don't buy into your shitty gameplay and DLC practices, you'll leave the series alone?"


So...there was a shooting during a Madden tournament in my town today. Im not going to blow it up or listen to people who either make light of it or act like this is some daily occurrence. Its just a terrible tragedy that happened. Prayers to everyone.


Boots, what the hell are you doing?


Hope everyone's having a great weekend! Captain's orders!


I play along with #AMAToid too since its super late and I know no one will bug me too hard with anything too weird. Even though I know you will and I'll still kinda love you for it.BUMP! Ok I actually am having fun with this. Who knew?


Question of the day! "Have you ever played a game so bad, boring, or insulting to your intelligence that you thought the developers who made it should send you a written letter of apology that you played this piece of shit." What game? And who made it?


I know I should give up on trying to find unicorns and understand the things i like dont exist because reasons. But I just cant. I want to see something beautiful. Something amazing that I really can enjoy. Just wish someone would make it is all..


Go home Miyamoto! You're drunk! link in comments


Its name is Boots. Its small. Wants attention and love constantly. Is afraid of heights. Lives in your jacket. And makes your other cat extremely jealous for NO REASON than because it exists. I am supposed to take care of this monster. Pity me.


From: LordxMugen To: Amna and Nekkid Well. Here you go.


Even though I dont't enjoy what Namco is doing to SC, I DID have some fun playing good ol' Tatsunoko vs Capcom. TvC is probably still my favorite of the VS series of games. Played with my friend and lost most of my games but it was still so much fun!


Soul Calibur VI going gold when it looks so pitifully designed is truly a FeelsBadMan moment. I'd say they could fix it but I'm not even sure the people on the team even know what the series is at this point. But hey, 9 out of 10 cause its pretty, right?


Theres a GBC game from Europe called "Monkey Puncher". So thats a thing i know now.


Theres a GBC game from Europe called "Monkey Puncher". So thats a thing i know now.




Been awhile since a card game has actually excited me as much as this has. Its basically MTG sealed, but taken as far as it will go, with you buying entire deck packs for $10 and theres no deck building ever involved. Even as an experiment, I'm excite.


Smoked Watermelon. Mankind was a mistake.


Its raining outside. Reading a romantic comedy manga. And Im thinking about someone special to me. Hopefully my feelings reach them.


*pushes the I win button* There, I win.


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