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OK so doing a playthrough of Enemy Within now and I have to say, I'm finding few of the additions worthwhile, least of all EXALT. Holy fuckballs those missions are boring :(


Nice, Disqus notifications have been broken on desktop for a few days now. What a great system it is :D


XCOM is done and dusted. Final mission was a bit of a cake walk honestly. Now, do I play 2 or replay it on Impossible. Decisions...


Starting to near the end of XCOM methinks. A bit torn on XCOM 2 though. Do I get War of the Chosen straight off or do I play the vanilla game first. I'm afraid jumping straight into WotC would be too overwhelming.


Guys, I fucked uuuuuuup. I removed my Officer Training School thinking I had got all the upgrades but now I only have 4 squad members. FML.


So, XCOM is fun. More shocking news at 11.


All this Fire Emblem talk has me in the mood for some strategy/tactics/turn based sorta games but dunno what to play...


Not sure how well known he would’ve been around these parts but Starcraft caster and amazingly funny Geoff ”iNcontroL” Robinson suddenly passed away this Saturday. RIP :/ So sad to hear this.


So I was under the impression my latest course was easier but after 32 plays no one has cleared it :0


Finally wrapped up the latest course. It's a puzzle map this time, not as hard as my previous creations (apparently :p) 5L7-G8F-W7G.


Welp, Swedish KFC sucks ass.


Welp, didn’t fail spectacularly!


Taking a break from building Mario levels fix up this wall. I’ll post the wall ID when I’m done I guess... wait.


My newest creation is finally done. Try it out why don’t ya! 9BL-N3Y-VRG :)


Alright, I tried (died) a few of your stages, and got the record on one at least. Think it’s time to try my hand at some revenge (courses of my own) now :)


Anyone else experiencing issues with their Pro Controller left stick? Looking into it it seems to be pretty widespread. Would be a shame, it’s not a cheap controller...


Yo, I heard we had some kinda league going on here, is there a master list of some kind? Otherwise, please deposit friend codes and creations down below :)


Thinking of getting MM2, what exactly can’t I do if I don’t have SO? I’m confused :/


Looking into changing the battery in my DS but can only find batteries for DS Lite. Are they just the same?


TIL Dtoiders have some prettyballer wrist watches.


I’m not as infatuated as everyone else with DOOM (2016) but from a technical point of view it’s fucking marvelous. Watching the gf play it I just keep being amazed by how insanely well it runs.


I just dug out my two PS3 controllers whilst cleaning out some cupboards and noticed that both stick nubs on both controllers have melted(?) and are now super sticky (no pun intended). It's not hot currently so I dunno what's going on. Anyone know?


Miyazaki movie #3 done; My Neighbour Totoro. What a weird and delightful little film.


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Hail from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been gaming for as long as I can remember, on the Game Boy initially. My first game was called Jelly Boy, it was awesome (it was probably not awesome).

Raised on Blizzard and Nintendo games, later GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and Halo. Zelda games and the Metal Gear Solid series holds a special place in my heart.

Used to play a load of shareware games that came with random magazines when I was a kid. On my mighty powerful PC with all of 66Mhz and 580MB HDD space. Mind blown, I know!

Gems such as Tubular Worlds, Elf Bowling and Micro Man I remember fondly. I must have also sunk hundreds of hours into the Duke Nuke'em 3D Demo.

My late teen years were utterly consumed by World of Warcraft, probably the best time of my gaming life. I know many people don't feel the same way but the things I've done and people I've met I treasure dearly.

These days I praise the sun and pray at the altar of Miyazaki Hidetaka. A few years ago I would've said that Ocarina of Time was my favourite game ever made. Today, Dark Souls holds that spot but I think it is just the grown up version of Zelda really.

When I'm not gaming I'm in the dojo, honing my skills. Martial arts have always been important to me and I could not go without the balance it brings to my life.

I've been coming to Destructoid since I moved away from home in 2009 and never thought of leaving. This place is home <3