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So, that Duck Tales season finale huh, yikes. Was not expecting all them feels.


Went into town and took good spots to watch some kinda water circus performance on the lake but 15 min into the performance a rig collapsed and it was cancelled. Waited 1.5 hours to get spots right by the water too. säSo, how's your day going?


Haven't had a cup of coffee in three months. Today I got a craving of epic proportions and got one at around 5pm. It is now 5am and I'm still up lol. Wtf coffee.


Picking a fighting game back up after over a year sure is rough. I think I'm through the initial period of hell where I'm just getting my ass handed to me because I don't even know which button does what though.


Picked SFV back up and realized I only barely started the story. I mean, it's not really important for my enjoyment of the game but holy shit I don't think I've witnessed a shittier story mode in any game, ever. Was this made by a three year old?


Wow. They weren't kidding when they named it Ultimate huh...


I don't have any plushies or a game collection. Some games in a box in the basement maybe but I only buy digital these days. Don't own a single piece of gaming paraphernalia, I don't buy CEs and I don't pre-order. Feels so good. I guess I'm doing it wrong


Huh, the Sylvanas short wasn't nearly as cool as Jaina. I thought they'd all be cool songs.


In a strange mood lately. I feel like trying Hollow Knight but I don't dig hand drawn graphics. I feel like trying Shovel Knight but I don't love 8-bit. I feel like trying Axiom Verge but I don't like the pc sprite. Such problems...


9:30 pm, it's 30°C, I'm wine drunk. Think I'm just tonna go fall in the lake to cool off. Fuck yeah.


Fiancée and I have begun our NEXT adventure among the stars. Behold, our first base! Had to get away from the toxic rain, didn't have much time to consider the architecture...


So it looks like the NMS update is MIA. Guess I'll just check again tomorrow...


14 years ago my aunt gave me a fantasy novel for Christmas. I started reading it that night, in the light of the Christmas tree, and didn't put it down until I had turned the last page. I showed it to my friend and he started reading it too.(cont below)


Ok wooow, I must have missed the news, this looks actually great!


Anyone know if MHW PC will have some kind of beta/demo? Willing to give it another shot at 60fps.


Recently found a really fun podcast called What's Good Games. It's also got a catchy af theme song, and I found out just now that it was composed by Dale North! That's pretty neat.


Man, living with a chiropractor sure has its benefits. Been having a stiff neck and upper back for a few days and finally remembered to ask her to take a look. Banged it out in 2 minutes and now I'm flexible like a feline again <3


Who would win? Coming home, or one German looking boye?


It's funny when play a game and feel like it's refreshing and innovative and then realize it's 23 years old...


So, post apocalyptic open world zombie survival rpg... in a high fantasy setting. Yay or nay?


Browsing SGDQ vods and started watching Hob. How have I never heard of this game before!? Looks right up my alley.


Buddy brought some bottles of sparkling sake from Osaka. I did not know shit could taste this good. Gah!


That's Chrono Trigger finally done and dusted. Honestly, it was a really fun game. It's not hard to see why this is many people's favourite game and a true classic. My only gripe would be that the final boss(es) just dragged out way too fucking long.


So. Apparently the Gummi Bears existed in the Ducktales universe. Mind blown.


Doing everything we can atm...


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