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I just searched for the PS5 on a retailer's webpage here and found Ghost of Tsushima (PS5). Hadn't heard anything about that. It mentions it's only rumoured but still.


This Genshin Impact game is an interesting one. It looks absolutely fantastic, the combat looks interesting and great... but oh lord do I hate the characters xD Hate their design, hate their constant yapping. Ooof. Also someone mentioned gacha?


Project Ghibli log: Tonight we watched Pom Poko. It was not at all what I expected, I rather liked it to be honest. It was both sad and light-hearted at the same time. Next up, Whisper of the Heart.


Haha. Me and gf playing Smash Online with her 10yr old nephew and it’s so hard to not be foul mouthed over voice! 🙈


Immortals: Fenyx Rising might be one of the stupidest names for a game ever but it does look pretty good tbh, colour me surprised. Adding it to the pile of shit I have to play after new PC is done.


Got me a new ultrawide monitor and god damn I can never go back now. That said my desk is a little too shallow. Playing yesterday I got a bit motion sick because it takes up so much of my field of vision it's almost like VR xD


That gender reveal party must have been lit.


So I found a very curious spider in a heating central on a job a couple of weeks ago. Didn't look like anything I'd ever seen here before. Was looking up spiders for a different reason just now and realised it was a Brown Recluse :0


Just watched Mulan and I have to say, it was really disappointing. At times a real B movie. Well, what to expect from Disney lol.


Retailers here (Sweden) have price listings for partner cards now. Just a casual $1000 for the RTX 3080. $2000 for the RTX 3090.


More like ASSus


How have I never heard of this game before? :0


When you do a double take to check out the sweet raytraced reflections in a water puddle and realise this is real life.........


How long was it between Nioh 1's launch and the PC launch? Been having an itch to play Nioh 2 again but I wanna wait for the PC version :(


"Shameless" doesn't even come close to the same solar system Raid exists in xD


Ate at an Italian place yesterday. One of the waiters looked a lot like Jonathan Holmes, only more Italian :p


Ghost of Tsushima is getting a co-op mode and a 4-player raid. Sounds neat!


So my friend in the 'Murricas sent me a box of assorted snacks. A lot of it was apparently "breakfast" but I dunno about that one chief. What I'm really into now though is Chex Mix. This shit is good haha.


So this xCloud thing on a mobile phone actually works pretty well. Played some Reach just now and it streams smoothly at the correct resolution and 60fps. Only issue is, predictably, input lag which kind of makes it unplayable :P


So, about that xCloud Beta that was supposed to be live.... you know, 4 hours ago?


Went to a wedding this weekend. Danced hard, went skinny dipping, after-partied even harder. Slept for 12 hours last night. Back at work now... have a nice week everyone!


-Playing boardgames- Me: fucks over gf. Her: ”I don’t like you anymore”. Me: ”but I’m fucking you”. Her: ”yeah, but it’s non-consensual”. I fucking died 😂😂😂


Welp, this week me and the gf have become completely addicted to Subnautica, staying up to like 3am every night playing haha. It’s so hard to put down 🙈


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Hail from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been gaming for as long as I can remember, on the Game Boy initially. My first game was called Jelly Boy, it was awesome (it was probably not awesome).

Raised on Blizzard and Nintendo games, later GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and Halo. Zelda games and the Metal Gear Solid series holds a special place in my heart.

Used to play a load of shareware games that came with random magazines when I was a kid. On my mighty powerful PC with all of 66Mhz and 580MB HDD space. Mind blown, I know!

Gems such as Tubular Worlds, Elf Bowling and Micro Man I remember fondly. I must have also sunk hundreds of hours into the Duke Nuke'em 3D Demo.

My late teen years were utterly consumed by World of Warcraft, probably the best time of my gaming life. I know many people don't feel the same way but the things I've done and people I've met I treasure dearly.

These days I praise the sun and pray at the altar of Miyazaki Hidetaka. A few years ago I would've said that Ocarina of Time was my favourite game ever made. Today, Dark Souls holds that spot but I think it is just the grown up version of Zelda really.

When I'm not gaming I'm in the dojo, honing my skills. Martial arts have always been important to me and I could not go without the balance it brings to my life.

I've been coming to Destructoid since I moved away from home in 2009 and never thought of leaving. This place is home <3