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Been messing around in a free game on Steam called "Off-Peak". It's more or less a walking simulator set in a fascinating imaginary train station full of beautiful art, great music and whimsical dialogue. It's perfect for a lazy afternoon.


just played through Blackguards for 10 hours and found out my build ain't worth shit. This is one of those games that almost always requires glancing at a walkthrough. ... moving on.


Playing through Double-Fine's "The Cave" on PC. Looks really great but still hasn't grabbed my attention after 2 hours. Controls are stiff and the jokes have bombed so far to me.


Killer Is Dead is actually a pretty cool game if you give it a chance. Super stylish hack and slash gameplay with a bizarre world only the demented mind of Suda 51 could come up with. Can't say the framerate on PS3 is the best though...


Just finished Spec Ops: The Line on PS3 (also on 360, PC, MAC). Very functional TPS with a beautifully bleak plot... probably one of the best stories told in a modern shooter. If you're still into last gen, don't miss this!


Probably the most awesome soundtrack in an indie game. And the game isn't so bad either. win/win situation tbqh. http://store.steampowered.com/app/285470/ http://bignic.bandcamp.com/album/zombies


I dunno but Heroes darts further and further away from being cool as it goes on imo. By the end I was kinda glad they had cancelled the whole trainwreck.


I'm always a console generation behind because of backlog. My PS3 needs me.


On Video Games and Art

So I was sitting one day all by myself and thinking what are my favorite game genres and why? What do Video Games give me, as their player? or to put it more simply, what is it about Video games which excite and enthrall me so much? I ...


Assassin's Creed II Thoughts

Hey people. Just wanted to update my blog with announcing what I'm currently playing and what are my thoughts about it so far. On my XBOX 360 (which gave me a single RROD last night before resuming function but still scaring the holy shit ...


The New Castlevania Looks like a winner Folks

I just watched the 11 minute gamplay trailer on G4 (which I have put below for your convenience) and I have to say, it looks dazzling. The graphics look sharp and worthy. Special attention has been paid to character models and lighting. A...


More Than Just Noise: Silent Noise

Look at the picture above. Many of you will instantly recognize what game this is from. For the ones who don't, it's from Silent Hill 3. Now I want you to take the main character standing there out and put yourself in her place (her name ...


Tagline Of The Year?

If you already (or by accident) haven't heard about Tecmo's Gears Of War shameless rip-off (amusingly) called "Quantum Theory" that looks more like a GOW mod with new skins than anything else, I suggest you keep your eyes closed shut and ...


Tomb Raider: Underworld Review

Tomb Raider Underworld is currently the last game which is actually named "Tomb Raider". I bought it a week ago from the bargain bin and since I'd been a big TR fan I thought I'd give it a try. I knew Crystal Dynamics had properly refine...


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