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There are fireflies in my backyard


Hey torch https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/ut-graphic-tees/gundam Source wario64


Any of my fellow US xbros load up on Live before switching to ultimate game pass to get maximum benefit? How did you do it, prepaid card, through Microsoft, etc... How many months did you get for Live prices? Thinking I'd be a fool to miss out


I just realized that guy on the drop ship is probably going to act in Cortana's place since she's unavailable


The Flip Grip might be my favorite accessory of all time


Damn, the last episode was really good, if you are still into AoT that is...


I either saw a flying paper lantern, or an alien spaceship. pic unrelated


Pretty much what I look like. For a while some coworkers even called me the GTA guy. Even went to a Halloween party as Claude, I just wore my regular clothes... #VGTwinsie


I was going to post a mech gif, but it was too big. Birthdays, or whatever...


Might as well be holding out his middle finger...


It's a little known fact that rockets can be made in any shape. We only get one design, because scientist, and engineers are obsessed with cocks


Back along time ago when I was an undergrad for the second time, I took a class on making stained glass windows. I spent the entire semester making pinups. This one is Rebecca Romijn from an SI shoot


Yes I would like ketchup, and mustard on my sandwich


This has been stuck in my head for the past 5 days


I know it's supposed to be Wesday, but I think Mike deserves this


In the middle of a dream last night my eyes became stuck shut, and I couldn't see. If I stopped trying to use them I could see what was happening. When I did manage to get them open I could see my bedroom in the dream. weird


Random thought: when an animal eats an entire other animal whole, they are eating their poop too


I remember that time I revealed myself at the Game Developers Conference...


I hit the comment icon, and comments appeared


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