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You should be watching the golden child (on prime) you're welcome


Whoever this Mike person is, I hope they had a pretty cool day today


They Might Be Giants have a song that describes every feeling I've ever had # theymightbemonday


Had not heard of Indivisible before seeing it on an Amazon sale page, but its definitely on my radar now


Sam's post reminded me of this. Take a listen, used to love this song a long time ago


Got to assert my Americaness today thanks to Dtoid! Thanks Tacoman!


Relevant to the community https://www.pokemoncenter.com/pok%C3%A9mon-gallery-figure-dx:-gardevoir-moonblast-703-04066?utm%20=PCnewsletter&utm%20=email&utm%20=201908%20&utm%20=gardevoir


Yo! https://theyetee.com/products/s-head


Played a little yesterday thanks to gamepass, had some fun. Maybe I'll squeeze some more in soon


Got to play some Raiden V on Switch today, I really like blowing shit up


There are fireflies in my backyard


Hey torch https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/ut-graphic-tees/gundam Source wario64


Any of my fellow US xbros load up on Live before switching to ultimate game pass to get maximum benefit? How did you do it, prepaid card, through Microsoft, etc... How many months did you get for Live prices? Thinking I'd be a fool to miss out


I just realized that guy on the drop ship is probably going to act in Cortana's place since she's unavailable


The Flip Grip might be my favorite accessory of all time


Damn, the last episode was really good, if you are still into AoT that is...


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