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I'm sorry took so long to come back from getting ice, and a pack of cigarettes


How long after eating meat grown in a vat becomes a thing do you think eating meat from human sources becomes a thing


My son crawled into a dog carrier


I must stop refreshing my tracking


I would trade any game released in the past couple of years for a new GBA Castlevania


This popped up in a feed, unfortunately I don't know who to credit, but it's just too cool not to share


PSA go check your credit card statement, someone tried to get a free iPhone on mine today, I shut the fucker down though


Sometimes the best thing is to just lay down on the floor


Surprised there aren't any jokes about the Xbox fridge being quieter than the PS5 yet


PSA Don't forget to tell the people you care about that you love them while you can


So the real purpose of the internet is to make sure other people know they are wrong... I'm cool with that. I'm wrong all the time. It's how we learn


Missy, I mean sister in-law, mom


What did Tails look like before the redesign?


Im forced to consider the idea that I may be a ninja, I frequently surprise people with my presence long after I've entered a room, I'm entertaining the idea I may just be a cat


I'm sorry I haven't been around here very much, thinking about all of you always...


The Fight Club movie is better than the book


What seams like a lifetime ago I'd buy some random girl a drink, now I just add to backlog, seems like a win, at least there's potential waiting


Looking for a distraction? Here's a neat audio series about the moom landing for free on archive.org Found it, because my dad has the album, and I always wanted to listen to it https://archive.org/details/toddmp%20


Not meant as a flex, and I'm not an actor, I have an IMDb listing for an indy filming was in, I was helping out a friend. The last time I checked that film put me within two degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon


I haven't seen my wallet in about a month...


Thinking about the first time I watched Commando


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