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I am not going to let this system update deter me from rebuying ssx3 (a game I've thoroughly completed) even though I have a backlog full of games I haven't even touched yet


Kid grabbed a philosophy book off of a shelf, and brought it over to me. I jokingly started reading it to her. When I stopped she prompted me to read more. She's made me, and my wife read to her from it several times since. She's only 17m old. oh no


Sometimes, I enjoy thinking about video games, more than actually playing them


Want $12 doom on Switch, don't want to support shopping on a holiday, definitely don't want to got to walmart


I had a defective launch ps2s, and Oni was the game that broke my system. I had my ps2 repaired, and I never played Oni again. What was a game that you were looking forward to that you never played for reasons other than the game its self


So the real reason to play Siege isn't, because it's a good game, or to make Soulbow happy, it's to torture Mike. Huh...


Just scored a $35 eshop card for $25 from wal mart (works ps, and Xbox too, and games), all totally legitimate. Link in the comments, because it's from another gaming site. Didn't want people to miss out


I just bought like 7, or 8 games for less than $5 for my switch. Video unrelated


Boobplate is the best word of the today


Adventure Time is the best Zelda fan art I've ever seen


Remember to make good use of your extra hour tonight, you deviants


Kind of bummed. We bought candy, but ended up not giving it out this year. Baby Kevlar's sleep schedule is too close to candy time, so we opted out. Got to sleep. Now I'm eating all the candy, and drinking whisky. Hope you had a good one


I forgot how much I like this show


Article with a link to a guy that makes some rad robos out of Lego, there's even some gundam looking stuff


Hopefully the developer will realize opinions were a mistake, and patch them out with the next update


Just upvoted some post from 6 months ago, I'm worried I might be upvotebot, and just don't realize it. What if I have a second life I'm not aware of?! It would explain why I'm tired all the time


Jumped started a friend's car about a month ago. Found this when I was checking some levels today. Aren't friends the best. also cocks


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