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Still glowing from the full house at the panel I organized for MAGFest "Me, My Character, and I: Video Game Character Design and Implications for Player Experience." Simply love the enthusiasm and passion of gamers!


Terrible but not entirely inaccurate summary of Mass Effect Andromeda: Humans are an invasive species competing with rare and previously undiscovered creatures for limited resources on planets that humans will eventually colonize and radically alter. Hmm.


Just wrapped up another insightful interview with a character designer! Maybe a long shot, but if any one does or knows someone who works on character design for games, please feel free to get in touch! Full details in attached image.


Cannot give my blog a title under the Customize options. When I enter text and hit "save changes" button, the text disappears from the box, and it never updates. :(


My university featured me in their podcast! I discuss gaming and some research I've done on games and women: https://blog.provost.indiana.edu/blog/2016/09/26/through-the-gates-ep-31-jess-tompkins-on-women-in-gaming/


Some of my colleagues are doing a survey on "How do video games engage you?" It only takes like 15-20 mins of your time. Also, there's a chance to score a $150 gift card: http://tiny.cc/engaginggames


Got to play Super Street Fighter II HD Remix on an massive screen at my university tonight!


Any one else love to work out/run whilst listening to video game sound tracks? I can always use more recommendations for upbeat/inspiring OSTs. :D


So much excitement for the REVII tour. Planning on hitting up my local event in my Jill cosplay. :D https://www.residenteviltour.com/


Relaxation: Lego, My Harry Potter

Relaxation. When I seek relaxation from gaming, I'm seeking easy, fun, and lighthearted entertainment. I am not seeking Mass Effect 2 "Insanity", Call of Duty Black Ops "Veteran", or Dead Space 2 "Hardcore." No, no, and definitely not. In...


Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition: Collecting Dust?

I've been duped not once, not twice, but count it, three times into purchasing a "Collector's Edition" of a videogame that I was oh-so-eagerly anticipating. Okay, so the first time was a gift, but either way, someone dished out an additiona...


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