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Kenshiro: You've grown so thin, Toki. Toki: *still has arms like twice as big as my legs*


Binged all 6 episodes (+ the pilot) of The Shivering Truth. WTF did I just watch?


1999 Me: LOL, no I don't play Pokemon - I'm not in kindergarden. 2019 Me: Kids, get off the Switch - it's my turn to play Pokemon.


My kids are now into Pokemon, and my son is obsessed with Mr. Mime to the point I think he's going to start a religion based on him. Heh's been extolling the virtues of Mr. Mime to me and his sister, trying to get us to catch one and put him our parties.


I got my son Lego DC Supervillians for Switch for Christmas, and this is his first Lego game that he's playing primarily on his own, and it's KILLING me to see him buy characters before unlocking the score multiplier bricks.


Heeeeeeelllllllllllppppp! My son just saw an eShop ad for Ark on Switch and now he's begging me to buy it for him.


LEGO Hobbit is free on Humble Bundle today if you want a semi-decent unfinished game.


I've been dreading the day Stan Lee was going to die for a long time now. I knew it was coming sooner or later a few years ago when he started scaling back his convention appearances. RIP Stan and thanks for making the world more exciting!


Crap, I hope my kids don't realize there's a Paw Patrol game coming to Switch this week.


Okay NOW I'm excited for Smash on Switch.


I just discovered Junji Ito a couple of weeks ago and now I feel like the preceeding 39 years of my life has been a complete waste.


RIP Leon White, AKA Vader. One of the best big men in the history of pro wrestling, this tough sun of a bitch wrestled a mach with a broken orbital, and his eyeball literally hanging out of his head.


LinkedIn just recommended I check out jobs recently posted at Konami. Disappointed to see there's no Pachinko machine tester openings - I feel like that's my true calling in life.


So was anyone else disappointed during the E3 direct when they showed the left and right sides of the GameCube controller that it didn't turn out to be GameCube joy-cons?


Word has it that Skyrim will be playable on your PipBoy in Fallout 76.


Looks like Best Buy has phased out Gamers Club Unlocked just as my membership was up for renewal. Amazon Prime is the only option left for discounts on new game, and only if I pre-order.


I pre-ordered the Spider-Man PS4 game yesterday despite not owning a PS4. I'll pick one up sometime before it launches, just trying to figure out if the Pro is worth it since I don't see myself investing in a 4K TV any time soon.


Sort of want Sea of Thieves, but man do I hate interacting with people in online games and I don't think it'll be fun as fun solo.


I'm actually entertaining the idea of trying my hand at making a game. I've got an idea that I've been wanting to see someone make for a LONG time, realized it's not going to happen, and might just make it myself.


Finally, something is happening with Casca after her being catatonic pretty much all of my adult life. I can't wait to see how this series ends 50 years from now!


I recently subscribed to Marvel Unlimited, and I fucking LOVE IT. I'm currently reading Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Amazing Spider-Man and Uncanny X-men starting from the very beginning. I can't wait to get to Claremont's run on X-Men. *squeel!*


Six episodes in and I still can't figure out if I actually like Black Mirror.


The Best Games I Played in 2017

As 2017 mercifully comes to a close, I thought I'd take a few minutes to reflect on some of my favorite gaming experiences I've had this year. Note this is best games I PLAYED this year - not necessarily games that released in 2017. Hi...


A couple of weeks ago, I quickposted about having to find a new home for our dog, and how it destroyed me inside. Fortunately, he was adopted to a new family on Christmas eve, and his new family reached out to us (found my wife's email in some paperwork)


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