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PS5 and RTX3080 both sold in in minutes. Good thing I wanted neither right now.


Wanted to share my new (non video game related) YouTube channel - Grill Science! https://youtu.be/1QeG%20 I'm a geek who loves grilling, so I think this will be a fun creative avenue!


I waited an extra 5 minutes after the Paper Mario presention for Bakugan?


The last 25% or so of FF7 Remake has been a total chore to play through. I really enjoyed this game at first, but it feels like after the plate dropped, the narrative just fell apart. I still like the game overall, but I'm glad I'm done with it for now.


To all the virtual residents of Sim Cities I've created in the past, played for a month, got bored of, then decided to end by unleashing ALL of the disasters at once, I'm truly sorry. I expect Godzilla to show up any minute now.


I logged into the My Nintendo site for the first time in god knows how long, and this is the what they're peddling these days. You can use coins to "buy" Animal Crossing coupons you can print for your mom. FFS.


I've got a Switch and a Switch Lite, so I have two islands on Animal Crossing. Since I can't be online on both Switches at once, I have to get my wife to be my "turnip mule" and go buy/sell my turnips on the other island for me.


Wife: Oh, there's going to be a visible meteor shower tonight. Me: In Animal Crossing?! Wife: No, in "real life." Me: That doesn't get me star fragments, so fuck it.


If you're trying to sharpen techical skills during the quarantine downtime, feel free to hit me in any of my areas of expertise - Linux in general, Kubernetes, Ansible, OpenStack, or anything cloudy. I don't know everyting, but I know people who do.


My wife doesn't think it's funny that I have turned our kids against Tom Nook. My 7 year old son posted a message on the bulletin board saying "Tom Nook is the worst!". And he used the pencil tool to do it instead of typing so it looks like grafitti.


Finished the Switch version of Link's Awakening tonight. It is with both sadness and joy that I say that it has replaced A Link to the Past as my favorite Zelda game ever.


"Bioshock" is trending on Twitter. I ask myself "Oooh, is this BioShock 4? Or maybe a Switch port/collection?" Nope, it's one of the PS Plus free games this month...


Got a Marvel Arcade1up just before Xmas and finally got around to modding it. Put an Optiplex 780 in there running Retroarch, swapped the sticks for Sanwas w/ octagonal gates and Happ buttons. Lots of ROMs, lots of systems, lots of fun!


Playing through Link's Awakening has me hoping Nintendo makes top down Zeldas a regular thing. I love BOTW and Ocarina/TP before them, but there's just something magic about playing the classic style with modern graphics and controls.


Adam Vinatieri is undergoing season(probably career) ending knee surgery. He's the last active NFL player that was in a 16 bit Madden game.


One thing that I've always hated about even the best RPG video games is the lack of a non-stealth equivalent to lock-picking. I like playing in character, and a brute force character isn't going to pick a lock, so let me bash it open with a blunt weapon.


I think I'm going to get a Switch Lite. I'm a bit disappointed by the complete inability to dock at all, but I do play primarily in handheld mode, and I like having an actual d-pad. It'll be nice to have my own Switch I don't have to share with the kids


I'm secure enough in my masculinty to say I have loved the hell out of the IDW Jem & the Holograms comics. Nearly done with the series, and I'm bummed that it's almost over.


Kenshiro: You've grown so thin, Toki. Toki: *still has arms like twice as big as my legs*


Binged all 6 episodes (+ the pilot) of The Shivering Truth. WTF did I just watch?


1999 Me: LOL, no I don't play Pokemon - I'm not in kindergarden. 2019 Me: Kids, get off the Switch - it's my turn to play Pokemon.


My kids are now into Pokemon, and my son is obsessed with Mr. Mime to the point I think he's going to start a religion based on him. Heh's been extolling the virtues of Mr. Mime to me and his sister, trying to get us to catch one and put him our parties.


I got my son Lego DC Supervillians for Switch for Christmas, and this is his first Lego game that he's playing primarily on his own, and it's KILLING me to see him buy characters before unlocking the score multiplier bricks.


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