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Mom, maybe having 50 Shades Of Grey on during the family dinner right after an awkward silence causing argument isn't the best idea. That was...an experience I'd like to forget as quickly as possible. I think that's a #Darksiders3 moment?


Holy shit, seeing Phantasy Star Online 2 in the JP Switch Store somehow made me realize a Dragon's Dogma Switch port would be really fucking nice. Please give me an excuse to buy that game a 4th time, Capcom.


Holy shit, how has this world let me sleep on Ni No Kuni 2 till now? I suppose it's sort of a blessing, it'd suck to have carried this much hype for how long it's been announced so...thanks for not telling me shit, World!


I'm just realizing I'm in a love with a person that is basically who I wish I could be? In semi-related news, Wow, Valfalk sure is something. Great theme too. It's going to be a miracle beating him considering it took me 22 minutes just to kill Barioth.


FINALLY GOT A SWITCH!!! Here's my FC if anyone wants to add me. Mostly gonna be playing Monster Hunter XX for the foreseeable future once I get it. For now it's just Battle Chef Brigade!


So I bought mhxx for when I can get a Switch next Friday, but it's not going to get here till weeks after! (I know digital exists, physical was cheaper for me) Any of y'all got recommendations for some cheap Switch games to hold me over till it gets here?


Those were the good old days, weren't they?


Decided to trade in my Wii-U, came up a tiny bit short of being able to buy a Switch unfortunately. On the up-side, just means I'll have to wait till next payday before I can get it AND a game (mhxx)! On the other side, AAHH I WANT TO FEEL JOYCONS ALREADY


So, what do y'all think of me trading in my Wii U for a Switch? Only two games on Wii U I want that aren't on Switch, so that's not too bad, but do you think Wii U will become a collector's item down the line since trade-ins of it are already drying up?


Finally made it to High Rank! I won't be a burden to my friends anymore! TIME TO HUNT SOME REAL MONSTERS.


Thanks to a super kind human bean, I got MHWorld wayyy earlier than I intended! NYX HAS ARRIVED IN THE NEW WORLD


Well, my MH loving friend that had huuuuge reservations about World has ended up loving it, so I guess that means I AM spending $180 on one game lmao. I'LL SEE YOU PS4 HUNTERS SOON.


https://twitter.com/monsterhunter/status/957488428521701376 This wouldn't be a tough decision if PS+ wasn't in the equation. I'd just buy it for PS4 and PC later. Have fun with my friends, no problem. $180 for one game PLUS DLC is a bit much though.


Just realized I can do my new job even while taking a shit! 10/10 occupation. Pretty sure that's the most productive I've ever been, all jobs should be like this.


Playing Transistor again. I forgot how different the music is while playing the game rather than listening to the OST. I should replay this more often. And get Pyre. Also eat more of the jalapeno and bacon pizza I got for dinner.


This has been stuck in my head the past few days since I found this band. Hopefully it'll get stuck in some of your heads too. I REFUSE TO KEEP MY EARWORMS TO MYSELF.


Took about 2 hours of attempts but finally did it! Haven't been that devoted to beating on boss in a long time, that was satisfying. Also, Japanese players are a blessing.


Yo Nintendo, please port Xenoblade Chronicles X to Switch so that I can just sell my Wii U once I get a Switch.


Damn, I'm a mess right now. I want to eat, fuck, sleep, and game all at the same time. Is....is this what it's like to be possessed?


So I found out my PSVita is at 3.63, but my PSTV is at 3.60....awwwww yeah. I'll finally be able to fit all my Vita and PSP games in one place without paying for their dumb ass memory cards! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


My top games of this year: Prey, Toukiden 2, Uhhhh, Dragon's Dogma got ported to PS4 and XB1, so that gets to be here...MHXX, IF I HAD IT. Feels weird, I played a lot of great stuff, but the first two are the only ones to carve out a home in my mind.


Oh god, I actually want a Switch for MHXX since I've got friends that want to play it with me for once. Anyone know how to make $400 fast without selling vital organs? (tho I'd hope those are worth more than just $400 tbh) :P


*record scratch* *freeze frame* "Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation."


I only listen to the largest music, accompanied by only the largest voices, as you can see here.


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Noragami. So Laura Palmer decided to kidnap me, but Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori are coming to get me. I think I'll be okay, but uh....I don't think Laura needs more ghosts to deal with.


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