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Sound Test: StarFox-Corneria (and Remix)

Music is relative. It effects us in such a personal way that we can't possibly hope to describe the extent of that effect to anyone. It's why we are so protective (and sometimes even snobby) about it. Your personal taste in music will alw...

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A Time to Build: Excitebike

[Editor's note: Jackal27 takes a look at one of the first console games that had a level editor for his Monthly Musing piece.  -- CTZ] I really didn't think I was going to have anything write about for this month's topic. For whatever ...


Sound Test: Mother 3- Hard Rain

WARNING! This blog contains minor spoilers if you haven't played chapter 1 of Mother 3. Music is relative. It effects us in such a personal way that we can't possibly hope to describe the extent of that effect to anyone. It's why we are...


Game Run! 11/19/08- Batman(NES) & Power Blade

Every week or so, I do a "game run" when I'm in town, systematically going to every store that would sell used games and seeing what I can dig up. I usually find at least one good deal, however, I've never had a place to share my exciteme...


Sound Test: Chrono Cross- Time's Scar (Opening)

Explanation Music is relative. It effects us in such a personal way that we can't possibly hope to describe the extent of that effect to anyone. It's why we are so protective (and sometimes even snobby) about it. Your personal taste in mu...


Mother 3 English rom Patch Download is GO!!

A little while ago, I went the Mother 3 fan translation website to see if there had been any updates only to notice that the comment box had been disabled on the newest thread! I was freaked out, but also excited. Was it coming!? WAS IT!!...


NVGR I've Been Busy: An Explanation and Catch-up

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting as much as I was for a while. I know that it's not like I've been here for a long time, so some of you (most of you) probably either haven't noticed or haven't really seen my stuff in the past. Anywa...


DSi "Shorter" Battery Life? Maybe not.

I know I haven't posted in a while, there are many reasons for this, but I'll get into them later. For now let's just get into it. I'm hearing a lot of people all over the place complaining about the DSi. About how they don't like the ca...

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Feel the Hatred: The Water Temple

[Editor's note: jackal27 writes about how much he hates the Water Temple for his Monthly Musing. -- CTZ]As I tried to think of something to write about for this article, a good many things crossed my mind, possibly things that I'll write ar...


You're Doing it Wrong: JRPG Character Design

I pay attention to tiny details in games. Little-bitty changes and pieces of games excite me. It all adds to the 'feel' of the game which is what I'm all about. However, since I notice small details that a lot of people might ignore, or m...


Awesome Retro-Gaming Story: New Roommate

I was really nervous about having a new roommate this year. He was my friend's brother, but I knew next to nothing about him. Would we even like each other? Would he not clean up his share of the room? Would he play Madden and Guitar Hero...


In Defense of Squeenix Re-Makes and Re-Releases

So, I love my littlest brother with all of my heart. He's 14 years old and unfortunately... He's one of THOSE gamers... You know... X-box Live Halo gamers. I beg him to play something other than First Person Shooters nearly everyday, but ...


Destructoid: A Review From a Newb

Why have I not been on this site for longer!? I love this! I hadn't really gotten into Destructoid other than listening to RetroforceGo! (which I found through iTunes) until I joined about 2 weeks ago and realized that this is the best site...


Wind Waker.

WIN. I started playing Wind Waker in the first time in a LONG time and you know what?... I love this game so much... The whole game feels so right. Like at the beginning when you're just running around Outset Island? It makes me just want...


E3 Big 3: A Resounding "Meh."

Where do I start? How about this, where the heck are the new titles? Sure there were a few announcements like God of War 3 and Animal Crossing: City Folk, but who DIDN'T know either of those were coming? What about new IP's? I can't think o...


Game Run! 7/9/2008- NBA Jam and Out of This World

A bit of an explanation of this new segment I want to start doing. I live in a small city of about 50,000 in Missouri. There's not much to do here other than movies, concerts, paintball, and... Well... I guess there is stuff to do here, b...


About jackal27one of us since 1:28 AM on 06.16.2008

I'm mostly a retro gamer. I don't hate everything after the 90's, but I tend to prefer retro game design. I enjoy alot of indie and portable games, not to mention a blockbuster title every now and then. However, like I said, the majority of my gaming takes place on older consoles.

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackal27
My Tumblr: https://jackal27.tumblr.com/

What I'm Playing:
Bravely Default
Kirby Triple Deluxe
Final Fantasy X-2 HD
Child of Light
Jeanne D'arc

My (supposedly) Weekly Posts:

Sound Test- Video game music. I love it, you love it, what more do I need to say?
Super Mario 64: Dire Dire Docks
Zelda: Link's Awakening: Tal Tal Mountains
Suikoden 2: Opening Theme
Dragon Quest V: Ocean Voyage
Katamari Damacy: Lonely Rolling Star
Castlevania:OoE: An Empty Tome
Castlevania: Heart of Fire
StarFox: Corneria
Mother 3:Hard Rain
Chrono Cross:Time's Scar(Opening)

Game Run!- Check out the exciting life of a poor retro gamer!
11/19/08- Batman(NES) and Power Blade
10/11/08- Mystical Ninja and Clash at Demonhead
10/10/08- MASSIVE update! NES and loads of games.
8/12/2008- Killer Instinct, TMNT:TF, Super Tennis
7/20/2008- Inindo, Wonderboy, Crusader of Centy
7/9/2008- NBA Jam, Out of This World

My Favorites:

Keep in mind that these change SO much... I'm terrible at lists...

...5 Consoles
2. DS
3. Playstation
4. NES
5. Wii


...3 Games
1. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
2. Final Fantasy IX
3. Dragon Quest V

Final Fantasy IX

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Unreal Tournament series

Xbox LIVE:lyden27
Steam ID:jackal27


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