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Speaking of Castlevania ...


And with that, Judgment comes to a conclusion. Phenomenal game! I am envious of anyone who is going to begin the journey for the first time ever. FYI - stick around for the humorous post game credit sequence.


R.I.P. Shock G. Sharing one of my absolute favorite cuts.


Happy born day to the sentient meat bag they call Occams!


You potheads are a bunch of turkeys!


Someone took my daily nightmares and made them reality. A pox on thee, vile creator, whomever you may be!


Joining the Pac Man hype train.


FYI - Blasphemous is getting a physical Deluxe Edition this summer. I am not sure if it's limited, but it does include the DLC and some extra goodies. More details in comments.


No joke. D-toid is home to a bunch of beautiful guys and gals. Y'all a sexy bunch.


Ah the "good old days" pre internet.


You're a star, D-Toid!


Finally got something other than a damn bill in the mail. I think this looks pretty cool! Nice foil cover, too. No. 219/1000. SRG rocks!


Umm... what? "Man Builds Guitar Out Of His Dead Uncle's Skeleton, Uses It To Play Black Metal" (Link Inside)


Happy birthday taco daddy!


Small Gamestop rant inside. Click if curious. Or don't. It's your life.


It's finally happening ... Will be available for pre-order on both Switch & PS4.


From the bottom of my heart I wish the D-Toid community a Happy 2021. Let's hope there is a better tomorrow for all of us.


A sincere Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all members of the D-Toid community! Thanks for allowing me to sporadically post and engage with each of you. Hope you're able to play some new, shiny games over the next few weeks.


**PSA** Need something to watch over the holidays? The fabulous Ghost Stories anime with the English dub is on Amazon Prime (U.S). Wholesome fun for the whole family!


Qtoid Question - I am seeing copies of Rage 2 for around $10 brand new on Amazon (with other copies selling for not much more than this). Is this worth dropping a few bucks on? Seems like reviews were overall mixed to mediocre, but it looks fun. Opinions?


#Blessedmas This dude has a fire boombox collection. Really wish I kept mine from the 80's. Currently only have one that, fortunately, still plays tapes and sounds great. I wish they were still making these, especially with tape culture making a comeback.


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