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A Arizona couple was ordered to pay $12 million to Nintendo for running two ROM sites. More than anything it's about sending a warning shot, I'm sure it will be settled for less. But they had to relinquish their sites, and all Nintendo games and hardware.


For a limited time Playstation 4 users can get a free Fallout 76 theme and some avatars. All you have to do is sign in and claim your reward code. Link is in the comments.


I just ordered a Christmas gift for my kids. I really think they will like it. It didn't hurt getting a 20% Gamers Club discount and a $35 certificate. It took a bit of work to finally get it, because whenever it comes up it sells out in minutes it seems.


Gotta love the bot ads. I didn't know Air Force One got towed on a huge ass barge!


Please go out and vote today folks! It may not seem like your vote will count, but when millions of people go the polls, that is when big things happen. And watch Black Sheep. Chris Farley is brilliant.


Happy birthday Chris Moyse! I'll have some cake for you, but you deserve a biggest slice. 619 the shit out of the blues. I love reading your posts, and you never forget to wish us a great weekend. Oh, the hat you always wear in your pics is fucking lit.


Welcome to Indiana, where the idiots are as abundant as the cornfields. I love living here for the most part, but damn my wife and I are so ideologically different from most of them.


I have a couple of Fallout 76 Beta codes for whomever wants them.


Rainbow Six Siege is getting censored in an upcoming update, removing blood, gambling, and sex references. It is happening right before its release in some Asian countries (i.e. China I'm betting). Someone console Soulbow.


A new bug discovered in Fallout 76 for pc users allows users to speed up the framerate, which speeds up the physics in the game by tweaking the .ini file. It is present in other Bethesda games, but in a multiplayer game this is unacceptable.


Lenovo has licensed the PSVR patents from Sony for two years so Lenovo can legally sell its Mirage headset. It kind of suprises me Sony would do that, but there was obviously some legal shenanigans behind it all.


This seems a bit excessive for a beta download, Bethesda. I realize it's the the full game, but holy fucking shit.


So I pre-ordered the PS4 Power Helmet Edition of Fallout 76 through Best Buy months ago. According to Bethesda, I redeemed the beta code for the PC version. Thanks a pantload.


While flying in #AirTrump1 I want to wear those slippers while I'm sipping a pumpkin spiced latte.


I'm not sure if this has already been covered here, but between October 25th and November 3rd, if you buy Red Dead Redemption 2 at GameStop you will get $100 off a new Xbox One S or Xbox One X. It is a sweet deal if anyone has been on the fence.


My Lords and Ladies! It's time for Lord Blood-Rah's Nerve Wrackin' Theater. I'm actually at work right now, so I'm missing his show. But I'm not doing shit and he has a YouTube channel, so it's time for White Zombie (1932). Starring Bela Lugosi! Huzzah!


I'm right in the middle of working almost 5 weeks straight in a row. Unfortunately I haven't played my beloved Dragon Quest XI in a few days, and it kind of sucks. My new dept. and 3rd shift is going good, but damn sometimes I'm just wore out. PS4 when?


A man was addicted to lunchmeat. He had to quite cold turkey.


Thanks for all of your hard work around here. And for your hard work on the contact list. I have so many friends on psn that I otherwise never would have had. Come here for a snuggle! #Pandatoid


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