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The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is $49.99 right now on Amazon, almost 30% off. Link in comments.


I want to go home and shower, shave, and game. And fuck. But who doesn't amiright? What games are you playing this weekend? I plan on Life is Strange: Before the Storm and CoD WW2 on my PS4, and Mario Kart 8 and Just Dance on Switch with my family.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend my lovelies. My weekend starts in about 8 hours. Things have been really going great for me and I just want to tell you all how much I appreciate this place, and my lovely family. Try to make the best of what you have.


Doctor's offices are the worst. Second only by a dentist office. Super annoying people making weirdo noises and the anxiety of just wanting to get it over with. Oh, and turn your motherfucking cellphone ringer down.


So my boss called my work station and asked if I wanted an early out. I was like damn fucking straight! I hung up the phone and realized something. My wife brought me in! So I had to call her at 7am to come and get me. Geez.


Work has been crazy so far and will be until at least July. PAY DEM BILLZ!!! BUY MORE GAMES!!! WHY AM I YELLING AAAAHHHHH


I just ordered from Amazon the 512 page hardcover expanded guidebook to Breath of the Wild that just released. It is almost 40% off, and selling fast. It looks incredible. Link in comments.


Went to Target to pick up some meds and I found the trifecta! Nintendo is getting better it seems.


So I hade one day off work, and I did absolutely nothing. I mean, really? I played no games or anything. Fucking damn it. What little time off I had and I didn't even do any gaming, even with my kids and that pisses me off. It's my own fault of course.


A cartridge for the Atari game Dragster that was signed by the now banned and once world record holder has sold for $830. Link in comments.


I was going to get my taxes done 2 weeks early and other stuff done before my bonus comes in at the end of the month but my $900 car fix says NOPE! Then again, it was only leaking gas. That's no big deal, right? :p (900th post!)


Eurogamer put the new PS4 firmware 5.5 super-sampling to the test, and for the most part the results are wonderful. Pretty interesting if you are considering upgrading (like me). Link in comments.


A game streaming (through Chromecast and Roku) service codenamed Yeti is supposedly in the works. Link in comments.


Just finished up Life is Strange again and this time sacrificed Chloe. What a emotional ending this was. Such a great game. That choice is very hard. I must say though, fuck those episode 5 stealth sections. Fuck them hard, they suck.


The Shadow of the Colossus special edition is fucking awesome. I tried to post a pic here but it won't post, so it will be in the comments.


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