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Poor baby has 4 bad teeth that needs pulled but they have to wait until both abscesses clear up. Vet said he was in extreme pain and severly dehydrated, but he got fluids, antibiotics, and pain meds. He is now down to 5 pounds, he was 7 in May. Poor thing


Bella Thorne will make her directorial debut, and it's on Pornhub! It stars Abella Danger (whew) and some guy called Small Hands. Article link in comments, the film actually sounds pretty good.


3rd shooting this week. Pretty numb to it at this point, after a Walmart shooting and a festival shooting. Just another day.


I just read that Dragon Quest XI S will have a demo. That is awesome! That is a great way to make a sale, because it will suck you in. The more exposure this series gets, the better.


I haven't seen any other of the previous episodes, so I went in completely blind watching season 7 of Orange Is the New Black. It says alot about a show when you can do that and go, "Damn I can't believe I have been missing out!" It is a really good show.


It's really hard to keep playing a game with enthusiasm if it crashes and freezes my system every time I play it. I'm just about ready to put it down and go back to the PS4 library. Damn it, I just want to enjoy myself, not damage my fucking system.


Meanwhile, at Camp Golf: (those naughty scamps!)


Me: Let's play more New Vegas! PS3: I'm going to freeze up after 20 minutes. Me: I'll watch NeoTurbo's stream instead.


Me likey cider! This is Ace Perry Cider, and it is delicious!


I'm really sweaty, and not in a good way.


See this what these lazy fucks are doing while I'm playing New Vegas. STOP BEING SO FUCKING ADORABLE!


Alright Soulbow, I see your G-Fuel and raise you a G protein bar. Take that you pussy!


#UnwholesomeThursday I've always wanted to have a threesome but I need another meatstick. Hey Wes, I think Wilf would look cute in bunny ears don't you?


Anyone want a Final Fantasy XIV Black Fat Chocabo Mount? Grab it in the comments, just post that you grabbed it. Give a moment for my comment to show up please. #selfietoid (EDIT: IT'S CLAIMED)


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