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Got my 65" Sony Bravia mounted in my bedroom today. I'm so hyped! If you're going to be single, live the fuck out of it. Now to hook up my 530w soundbar, systems, and setup, and away I go! Got a gaming chair too. My son and I are going to have a blast.


So during my divorce proceedings I am living with my mom for who knows how long and she lives in the country. Unfortunately, this means no internet (except Verizon hotspot). I am allowed to mount my 65"tv and set up my systems and soundbar. I'll make do!


So with Thursday being April 1st I'm seeing two friends I haven't seen in person in over twenty years. It's going to be quite the day. I'm nervous, but really excited. Especially now with getting divorced, life is changing really fast. And I'm okay.


This is madness. I'm not sure if the extended storage will allow a larger drive. If nothing else, just for the future updates. Oof!


NVGR but we have our stimulus pending in our bank account. You should probably check on yours to see if yours is too, if you're eligible. Just a heads up.


I'm at work on 2 hours sleep. HELP ME JEBUS!


My collector's edition still has its seal, and Best Buy says it can't be returned. I don't really want to return it anyways, so I will have to wait a long while for bug fixes, and then decide to open it and enjoy, or try to make bank. My PS4 Pro awaits???


A year and a half. I would love to have fun gaming again, but I don't think it's really that possible.


80's flashback! I'm the one missing some toofers.


This is so cool! I bet they will be impossible to get.


Public service announcement: Don't be a dumbass. (Link in comments)


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