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I've cought 1,049 fish so far, and in two days over 200 goddamn eggs.


Going off of Hypno and Seymour, long live Angie22!


The Final Fantasy VII First Class Edition is back up on the Square Enix store. It's really sweet, but also pretty pricey. Just wanted to let ya know.... Also, the trophy list has already been revealed, shit, have got to be extra careful until the 10th.


The Death Stranding Collector's Edition is half off at a few retailers right now, for those that are interested. Oh, and those fucking eggs are EVERYWHERE


My unemployment office called me today regarding a issue needing resolved and I missed it. Plus since yesterday I have a cough, heavy lungs, and dizzy head, but the only thing to do is wait it out. It all started after I had a awful reflux attack on Sun.


So I'm walking around fishing and whatnot, and I hear some mysterious noises. I find my original 2 islanders Louie and Mira singing together in the square! It was so cool, and made me warm. Not distancing though.


The feeling when the store is closed, your last slingshot broke, and 3 balloons blew over in 15 minutes....


I have yet to get my Doom PS4 pre-order bonus. Is anyone else still waiting on theirs?


My store's weekly ad is hilarious! They are acting as if they will actually have some to buy. BWAHAHA


RIP AND TEAR MY ASS CHEEKS (edit: pics of unboxing)


Our state is now under stay at home orders. At least I have a cute buddy for my AC adventures. I am thinking my work might extend their shutdown, but it wouldn't be surprising if they called us back. I just hope my wife's will let her file unemployment.


Come and join Mrs. Blues friend list! Code: SW-4780-6414-5710


Here, be my friend: SW-3566-2662-4313 ! In the comments is a link to our Master Gaming Contest List made by our very own Robot Panda Z. Also, a huge shoutout to Dephoenix for sending me the best kitty there is, my babe Kiki, and a another friend!


Whoa, Best Buy is shutting down and only doing curbside pickup and doorstop delivery. I'm glad the employees can be less exposed. I wish the States would just do a nation-wide lockdown for two weeks, except for banks, stores, medical places. No way tho.


Wilf can't wait to start this game. I am adoring it. My new home Sanctuary is kust wonderful. I hope yours is too.


We are all set to live in our little slice of heaven.


A nice preorder bonus from Best Buy. The game is shipping to me and should be here Tuesday. With work ending today and we don't know when we will be going back, it looks like th- shit, I'll be on Animal Crossing who am I kidding. Hello quarantine!


After bowing to pressure and bad optics, plus several plants having cases, my corp is shutting down tomorrow, until further notice..... Best Buy has DOOM and Animal Crossing on the way though! Was able to track down Clorox Wipes and stuff after work, yay!


I canceled Doom. I read two stories that I put in the comments that I think everyone here should read, and take seriously. EDIT: All I meant was it is trying times, and tough decisions are ahead. I kept Animal Crossing, and a big backlog. I can wait.


All school districts in our entire county are closed now until mid-April. My wife, who is stuck at home recovering from her knee replacement, is not pleased.


Looks like Nintendo is heading into arbitration.


Welp a case is in our state now. Well, it was only a matter of time, although it hit pretty quick. Too bad Pence isn't governor anymore, he could pray it away.


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