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Y'all know my stance on From games. I wasnt for a moment expecting Sekiro to win because of this desire to tie narrative to quality. Overjoyed to see a gameplay first title come out on top. Guardian Ape was the best boss fight of the year


Heres a fun meme that's probably old.but gave me a chortle.


Pretty hyped for the new Xbox. This was the first generation I preferred Playstation to Xbox for obvious reasons, but I'm hopeful Phil Spencer is righting the ship. Unless Bloodborne 2 is a launch title I'll likely start next gen with Xbox.


Early first 2 hour impressions of Anthem. These controls are so good, sound design is amazing, locals range from beautiful to dull. First foray into the menus was messy, enemies feel like fodder but abilities keep it fun. Tons of potential, what a shame.


The only game related thing I got for Black Friday was Anthem on PS4. I dont have a single good reason for doing this outside the price and morbid curiosity. Feel free to ridicule me in the comments below!


In a completely unexpected turn of events I am hooked on Overwatch again. I doubt itll last long, but there it is. Also been sick for about a week. Think I may be due for a doctors visit. Hope you all had a nice holiday. Off to another quick match.


Ok, we need to address the elephant in the room here, folks. V from DMC V looks like JP from Grandma's Boy. There, now it's out in the open.


Anyone own battleborn want to play a round before it's gone? I got it in a $2 bin and havent even opened it.


I'm ready to start my life over as an Artificer. First new (official) Dungeons and Dragons class since 5th edition launched in 2014. It is crunchy and filled with interesting mechanics for both roleplay and combat.


Not the hottest thing ever, but my goodness I think I'm in love. UPDATE: They were way worse comong out than going in.


Its officially time to be Santa Claus in the Large family household. So while I wont be playing any new games, I'd love to hear how the latest releases have been hitting you. What's your Top 5 of 2019 looking like? Any new contenders shake it up?


Thank you, Disney+. I could not be happier at the moment. It's even better than I remember! Pic abso-fucking-lutely related.


NeoTurbo celebrating his birthday in true Hobbit fashion. You are an inspiration, buddy! Enjoy your day! Careful for spoiled tubers!


So there was alot of hype before launch, but since the first season completed I havent heard anyone talk about Infinity Train. Was considering picking up season 1 through Amazon Video. So.... did y'all like it?


Just finished a D&D session. Boy do I miss DMing. Memorable NPCs, great party banter, close call combat encounters and a player who just couldn't roll above a 12. Plus I got to use my painted minis! How was your Saturday night?


Chris Perkins, senior game designer for Dungeons and Dragons, gives me so much life. He is the embodiment of childhood wonder and mystery. Check out his 2019 D&D livestream.


Happy birthday Flanx! Party till your purple!


10th mini finished. It's got a few touch up spots, really frustrating mold lines, and the new wash I tried muted the colors without popping the shadows. That said, I love him. Battle damage came out great!


Happy Birthday Moyse and deScruff! Your constant optimism is a daily reminder to be a better me. And it works! We are lucky to have voices like yours amongst us. Hope you were able to spoil yourselves a little.


Hot take. Even with all the Blizzard controversies I genuinely love all their franchises. Each pillar would be in my personal top 30 of the decade and every announcement at blizzcon has me giddy.


3 down, 3 to go! Need 6 for the 9th. Plus a bugbear.


What's the last book you finished? I just closed out this one. Very good, highly recommended.


I desperately need a Cadence of Hyrule/Ringfit mash up.


Lota of Outer World praise. But holy hell, that text is so small on consoles. I'm standing in front on my TV to harely read what it says. Not cool, man. Other than that, amazing.


Ya boi will be at PAX East on Thursday, Feburary 27th. Anyone else going? Need a butt touched?


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