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Happy Birthday, Bateman! I don't know why you keep asking for this every year, but who am I to say no on your special day!


Friendly reminder that The Outer World's menu music is the best piece of music in gaming. My opinion, of course. Please share yours!


Y'all better back up.


Well this is hilarious. Several pre-AOL laugh-out-loud-with-my-human-mouth moments. And a remarkbly robust E3 round up to boot!


New species discovered and this mf'er has got eyebrows for days.


Gundy? More like Fundy. Cause you are a fun guy. Even if you are suddenly and abruptly a year old. Hope you have a great birthday!


Metroid Dread speculation. The E.M.M.I. are hunting the Metroid cells in your body/suit, not Samus specifically. Perhaps removing the suit/cells is a major goal for Samus. That's all I got. Back to watching every detail of the Elden Ring trailer.


Food truck at work LETS GO!!!


Chad Nintendo


GAMERS today I guess.


D&D tonight. Excited! Even though I won't get to use my sweet hand painted minis.


Interesting they specifically state "with friends". Even more interesting, what could these other Elden Ring products be? I'm hopefully for another art book at least. Probably a comic.


Your up next Slimey


Alright, last post (for now). It's MFing Christmas morning for your boy.


Current Status




Oh, Geoff, the Duke of Dew. Reverse this cursed hollowing. Refill my Estus and restore my Avatar.


Steamer time!


Just Aron reminded me of a wild story. I'll post it in the comments.


Current mood: Bluegrass


What the fuck did that Reptilian Menace do this time.


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