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I swear to God, Tales of Arise, if your subtitles don’t learn the difference between “you’re” and “your,” I’m gonna lose my shit


A Twisted Metal series from the writers of Deadpool starring Anthony Mackie as a milkman in the apocalypse? Instant Emmy


Gamefly really flies under the radar with their big sales. Standouts right now: Returnal $33, R&C $38, Scarlet Nexus $28, Skyward Sword $38, Mario 3D World $33, and MH Rise $33


With the firmware update going live tomorrow, my SSD for the PS5 is on its way! I went with the 500 GB model. I can still play a little bit of storage tetris to save $150


Capcom, hire Hideo Kojima for a new series: Plastic Cog Liquid #fuckkonami


Here’s a fun game: what would blow your mind at a conference? Mine would be a trailer introduced by Kojima and ending with the FF fanfare


I’m the only person in the theater, about to watch Candyman. Hell yeah!


Pro-tip if you're one of the buttload who have recently started FFXIV: go slow. Just aim to have Heavensward done by Endwalker's release. That way you can just buy Endwalker and get the other two expansions for free


Thank God for Kotaku's suggestion of remapping Arise's controls! That was my one issue with the demo. In short: Artes on Triangle, R1, and R2, dodge to Circle, jump to X, and attack to Square


Literally the only people with anything good to say about Avengers: "The singleplayer stuff is actually pretty damn good." Square: "Let's give 'em a RAID!"


This is TMI, but can’t share it in our personal life, so doing it here. My wife and I have officially started trying! I know they say not to count your chickens before they hatch, but I can’t wait to be a father! Also: https://m.youtube.com/watch?


What’s with people being extra salty in the comments lately?


Still can't get over how damn good Bravely Default 2 looks in 1440p on the PC. Now I just need to find the time to actually play it!


I did it! That 40% off on Destiny 2 with the PS Store was calling my name, but I didn't bite! As tempting as the PS5 upgrades are, had to keep reminding myself I just don't really like the game


Trying to deal with Uber support is like playing an RPG where you get the same response no matter what dialogue option you choose


OnlyFans banning nudity is like Destructoid banning videogame coverage


Scarlet Nexus is 36 bucks on the Playstation Store! I highly recommend it if you haven't tried it yet


I’ve just started Freaky, and so far the least believable part is high school guys think Kathryn Newton is ugly. The best part? That first kill with the wine bottle. Holy shit y’all.


Nioh 2 is so goddamn good. I didn't think it could get any better, playing with the fists. Then I started a new playthrough, focusing on tonfas. Holy hell those things are fun to use. This bad boy's inching closer and closer to my favorite of all time


Just got back from my first round of golf in years. Good time, but I’ll stick with PGA 2K20 until the fall. Golf and the Georgia summer don’t mix


I noticed a Steam group I'm in called RIP Gamespy. Got curious and clicked in. Apparently I'm not only a member, but I created it in 2013 when Gamespy shut down. It has 1k+ members. Am I...an influencer?


Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!


Splitgate is pretty damn awesome. If you play on console, I'd turn off cross-play. Makes me look better than I really am when I'm headshotting console players left and right just because I have a mouse.


So I just did something real dumb. I just bought Siege for PS5 in the Summer Sale. I'm sure this is going to go great


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