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Because a shooty or stabby or punchy game almost always wins the GOTY, I propose that we create and annually award the WOTY which is the WHOLESOME OF THE YEAR


TGA: "It is time to choose the GOATOTY. Last year god of war was the greatest of all time, but this time there will be a new greatest of all time until next time." AAA: "Sixty percent of the time, I've been the greatest of all time."


My year in gaming 2019. Honorable mention goes to Horizon Zero Dawn, which I played through completely AGAIN. These are games I played for the first time in 2019. They did not necessarily come out in 2019. Preemptive apology for not liking a game you like


Karl Marx: Inevitably the proletariat will rise up and destroy the oppressive bourgeoisie! A Corporation: And while you're waiting for the proletariat to rise up, why not wait for some of our delicious blueberry muffins to rise up in your very own oven


Is there a firefox addon that hides all news and discussion of any and all Battle Royales or replaces it with cats? Asking for a friend.


Audience score is correct. This movie fucking rules. One of the best anime/manga adaptations ever on top of it.


Looks like Disney just made a buttload of old LucasArts DOS games available on Steam. Cool news if, like me, you are an OLD.


SMASH BROS CIVIL WAR: Mario = Captain America (captain japan?). Cappy / The Cap. Can be thrown like shield. Coincidence? No! Mega Man = Iron Man (obviously) Link = Thor (Excessively handsome. Legendary weapon. Long luxurious golden locks) I COULD GO ON


WAIT. There is no liar's dice in RDR2??? At all??? Automatic 5/10.


Lotta People: "Nintendo seems to be doing only kinda so-so with mobile so far." Nintendo: "NINTENDO WEIRDNESS LASERS SET FROM STUN TO KILL." Commenter who can't resist: "Oh look. Nintendo is releasing a peripheral."


DRAGON QUEST XI IS DEFEATED. Including Colosmos. Now I don't know what to do with my life. So I guess it's back to NMS until my PSVR arrives.


I couldn't think of a word to adequately describe my friends who are intense halloween nerds, so I made this instead. I have dubbed him Bloody The Elf. IS THIS SOMEONE YOU KNOW?


Controversial Opinion: While I know its "a tradition", Dragon Quest would be fine w/out the PuffPuff and Bunny Suits. Builders didnt have them and was excellent. I wouldnt want even one person to miss out on a great franchise bc of its dumb boob joke.


I don't know which one of these characters is "Raz" but the eldest of the fandoms has made the necessary corrections to both characters just in case.


From twitter user @adamjmarin. From right to left, I dub them Marietta, Mallola, Bowsette, and Genoffer Lopez


I hope every game developer fills every game with women. I hope the next God of War is starring Kratosa the Goddess of War. I hope every MMO runs a special event where you can only roll women chars for a month and everyone who gets angry gets banned.


Re: Peachette, I like the simple elegant explanation that Toadette is just a lone mutant freak. Like how in Stardew abigail will sometimes eat the flowers and rocks you give her and that just makes you like her more. Toadette = a charming freak.


Spoiler: Fumito Ueda's new game is just ultra hyper concentrated SOTC. The entire 10 square kilometer game world is just one giant boss that takes 60 hours to kill and 60 seconds to cry and feel bad about killing. GOTY. Can't wait.


I'm still a long way from done I think, but as of this moment I'm feeling like DQXI is the prettiest one they've ever made, but DQVIII is still the best one they've made.


Sorry, I just got the boat and found the casino so Dragon Quest is the only game that exists until further notice, thank you.


Dedicated to everyone who is unironically upset that Nintendo cancelled the direct. https://youtu.be/8QqD1%20?t=14s


Dragon Quest is amazing and you should buy it so that Japan will send more of it for me--I mean us--to buy. Thanks!




Just put everything on the Switch. All of it.


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