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Yo Lemon, Where You Been?

Salutations, Intertoid! When an "IRC regular" like myself hops into the Dtoid IRC, and is met with surprIse, I know that I've been neglecting Dtoid for the past couple of months. Of course, the obvious question to pose is "Lemon, where y...


shortblog!: New Destructoid Mac Widget

Click the image to download. It's a shortblog because I don't have much to say about it, but after reading someone's Uservoice complaint that Destructoid didn't have an RSS widget, CTZ promptly pointed out that we did in fact have one. Bu...


shortblog!: Shaun White's Nigerian Scam

So I'm currently playing Shaun White Snowboarding for the Wii for Ripten (note: the game is pretty good. the controls are simple as fuck, and you can beat it without paying attention- literally. It's an SSX clone, though. not just because o...


Cblogs of 07.06.08

Well, I started playing Metal Gear Solid for the first time today. I'll still have to play the rest of the games in the series, but I love it so far. Dedicated Cblog Recap account coming soon! *-Picked for purchasing a Vii *-Go see the ...


New Dragon Quest V TV Commercial Encourages Piracy

I only wish I could tell you what the hell going on in this commercial, but having zero knowledge of the Japanese language, I'm just going to sit here and laugh and stare at the pirates, giant balls of Rocket Slime, and what I assume to be ...


Brand New Tales of Hearts & Fire Emblem DS Scans

Picture somewhat unrelated. Once again, Gamekyo has the scoop on new scans of newly announced/previously unseen games, with the new scans being from Tales of Hearts for the Nintendo DS and Fire Emblem: Shin Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Ken ...


First Images from Chrono Trigger DS

Courtesy of Jeuxfrance/Gamekyo, someone uploaded high-res Shonen Jump scans of images from the newly announced Chrono Trigger DS. While I haven't played the first game, and therefore don't see what the big deal is, these scans kind of excit...


Rumortoid: Large List of Rock Band 2 Songs?

I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit for the sake of reporting rumors, here's the list, from yet another supposed play tester, though in this case, I think it sounds somewhat legit getting into the middle of the list. It sounds like a hu...


Cblogs of June 29th + Cobraisms

*-Meet the Spyro *-Teta Draws Some Destructoid *-I was going to complain that it's the guy's opinion, but Jesus Christ (no pun intended) that's hilarious. *-Sadistic & MechaMonkey Win. *-Teta Does MORE Drawings, We Are Very Pleased ...


Cblogs of 06.25.08 + Cobraisms

Not actually a Cobraism, but I uploaded the full trailer for Eagle Eye in case anyone feels like watching it. Enjoy. Also, in case you didn't notice, Dtoid's got a new channel system up. Its the new hotness. *-What the Hell? I didn'...


Question Your Heterosexuality: Banana Smoothie

ಠ_ಠ I'm at a loss for words. A fucking loss for words. Just watch, and look for these things in the video. 10 things to watch for in this video: 1. The show's name is The Naked Brothers Band 2. The song is called "Banana Smoothie"...


Cblogs of 06.22.08 + Cobraisms

I had to add this, because this saddened me almost as much as the Heston news- George Carlin passed away. :( R.I.P. Short Cobraisms tonight- I just wanted to plug two videos- one showing off the coolest thing I've ever seen as far as a int...


Sunday Blog Recap Coming Tomorrow

Unfortunately, I can't complete the recap tonight, as my computer is defragmenting, which should take upwards of 5 hours :(. I'm posting this entire thing from my PSP, even, but its a fucking hassle to copy & paste links. So I'm going to ...

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The start of the affair: Sunset Riders

[Editor's note: Gynecologist Cobra takes a look at Sunset Riders and tells us how it started the affair for him as part of June's Musings. -- CTZ]When I was born in 1992, I still lived in London, as I did for the first four years of my lif...


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