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That Jojo part five ending though. 10/10


That new Who person and their introductory episode was pretty good. Still dont have any real faith in Chibnall, but we'll see what happens. She reminds me of Four and Two who are two of my favorites so I'm excited to see where things go from here.


Years later, this is still my absolute favorite joke from The Onion.


Dragon Quest XI is my game of the year, hands down. I doubt anything coming out later this year will be as genuinely enjoyable as this has been for me.


Game of the Year goes to Dragon Quest XI calling it now. This is the kind of game that would have made me love videogames as a kid and that's a rare feeling/experience to match.


As alright as the game is, Octopath Traveler's OST is completely forgettable when it isn't being downright annoying or bad. I often find myself muting the music in favor of just about anything else when I play it.


Mass Effect: Andromeda had pretty good combat, but that's about it. While overall it wasn't near as awful as people tried to make it seem, it's not hard to see why every little thing was blown out of proportion; there's hardly any positives beyond that.


One of my favorite things about Dragon Quest is that for a series as outwardly cheery as it seems, it can still be dark at times. DQ5 has you being enslaved for ten years, DQ7 has a town where people turned to stone can't be saved, DQ9 everyone dies.


Mate, I think you might be might be in the wrong game...


Anyway, I just really like GW2's mounts.


My favorite thing about Guild Wars 2 is the lack of a gear treadmill. It leaves you time to focus on what's really important: Fashion Wars, the real endgame. Here's my Necromancer being overly cheerful.


I really hope the story and characters in Dragon Age IV are at least as good as they were in Inquisition.


Got Bewildering Dance to give x100 exp during a boss fight and managed to get everyone in the fight to jump up ten levels in Octopath, lul.


It is now MooMonday.


Guild Wars 2 is the only MMO with mounts that I care about.


Octopath Traveler is really good despite itself. There's a few things I'd change, namely, the way the maps are designed to be as annoying to navigate as possible, but I can usually manage well enough. Anyway, do we still do the Thursday thing round here?


This is A M A Z I N G


Reboot Broly, apparently. Looks decent, though I'm going to miss the original's more relaxed hair.


After nearly four months of waiting, ANet is finally dropping more content today. I'm especially looking forward to any balance changes they're putting out as well as the new mount and Fractal. Story stuff is just extra at this point.


Remember that time the collection of articles that would be posted underneath comments was changed to "Fuck Dump" because Kotaku or Polygon or whoever was already using the generic title Destructoid was using originally? Good shit.


BATTLETECH and the Shadowrun games would be absolute perfect for Switch. The Shadowrun titles have a pretty low chance of getting ported but I think Battletech has a decent chance and would do pretty well there.


E3 this year hasn't really been all that for me, but I enjoyed a few announcement here and there. There are a lot of interesting games to look forward to at least. Wednesdays ain't so bad I suppose. Easily what is probably the third best day of the week.


Yakuza 0 will be 20.00 bucks when it releases, but you can preorder it at a (slightly) discounted price of 17.99; releases August 1, 2018. Yakuza Kiwami has neither a release date nor a price yet. Gonna skip it since I already have it on PS4. DQXI it is!


Good Morning. o/


DoA 6 announced? Time to get hype! Trailer had a serious lack of Tina and Lisa though.


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