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Due to computer troubles, I'll be participating in the Wednesday shenanigans via the comments in an effort to distract myself from the rage of loosing a whole year's worth of stuff on a now defunct harddrive.


Man, Fire Emblem Warriors could have been so much better than it was. I still want to know what happened there considering how well Hyrule Warriors turned.


Look, I found the original incel.


Apparently the Battletech (minor)controversy revolves around the fact that you can have your character referred to as "they" and that there's a trans NPC. That's all. Goodness gracious of life, nerds continue to be the goddamn worst. Whatever, it's Friday


Time for a new game of Civ VI. There's a lot that I like about it, but it's still pretty rough around the edges and gives off an air of having a confused direction. At least it's better than Beyond Earth. Salvageable, too.


I think Shenmue 1 and 2 are good, but I feel like the near myth like status they've obtained is going to mislead people. It's clunky as all hell, but it's a kung-fu revenge story, with virtua fighter combat, (basic) detective work, and fun QTEs. I love it


It's Friday, and yet I'm seeing a lot of bullshit in regards of what makes today the best day. So, I'm stopping by to remind all of you fucks what makes this day so great. Do better.


Anyway, I've been watching Macross: Delta. It's not very good, but I have fun making fun of it at times and the animation is actually pretty good, I have to admit.


Guild Wars 2 just got another major update that's been a long time coming. You can now sit in chairs!


Trying to put together proper outfits in Monster Hunter Fashion World is a process to be sure, but I'm getting there.


Oh Crossing Souls finally released? That's good to hear. Maybe Cryamore will stop being vaporware and also attain a physical form soon.


Guild Wars 2 Living Season 4 episode 2 trailer dropped today. They've been doing much better with these this season and I really hope it keeps up all the way through to the next expansion.


I don't usually do the Thursday thing because Friday is the best day, but this is okay every now and then.


Nerds are the goddamn worst. Picture unrelated


Went and saw Black Panther today. It was good, yo. It has what is arguably Marvel's best villain (which isn't that hard all things considered), it's more character driven than usual, it doesn't treat the audience like fools and it's really colorful.


Happy Friday you filthy fucks.


Jackie Brown is Tarantino's best movie.


It's a good thing there isn't much of anything I'm looking forward to this year. I actually bought too many games last year and still have to get through about half of them. So I'm going back to my "no new games until you finish what you bought" rule.


I honestly don't feel as though Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a game that respects your time, patience, or intelligence. It could be a good bit of fun, but there's a whole mess of stuff that's been killing the mood for me. Picture unrelated.


So Camilla's new VA in FE: Warriors is kind of bad. I mean, none of the voice work is particularly stunning, but it stands out and not in a good way. I wish they had kept the original VA.


Current status


Between Mass Effect and Dragon Age, DA was always going to be the better off between the two franchises in the long run given that Dragon Age was as much about its characters and universe and not solely its characters.


To echo an earlier post, mounts are absolutely fantastic in GW2's Path of Fire and they all look amazing.


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