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Birthday shenanigans are happening. LETS GO!


Never Forget.


Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-'s OST was added to Spotify, y'all.


Yooo, all of the Yakuza games are coming to Steam, Xbox, and Windows 10!


Logged into Genshin Impact to make some wishes with the lot I had saved up because fuck spending actual money on Gachas. Pulled Keqing, that one character some dude spent two bands trying to get on the third round of wishes and all I could do was laugh.


Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam this Friday. It's a fun, more action oriented MMO. It doesn't require a subscription and has tons of content and QoL stuff in its design you can't find anywhere else. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1284210/Guild%20/


Drakengard's intro makes it seem like it'll be a good game. It is not.


Regis is trying to keep Geralt from catching COVID-19. Thankfully, Geralt seems to heed his advice.


Jesus fuck, 2020 is relentless. Stay safe out there and always remember, thick thighs saves lives.


Just gonna give a random shout out to Toni Braxton this Tuesday morning. Also, Googling to check and see if she's single...


#90stoid There's a surprising lack of R&B here considering this is the genre's best decade.


Lol, I still haven't "upgraded" to Win10. Whoops. I'll probably get around to it later this year.


Birthday Booze (Manhattan) at a recently opened bar. Literally just me and the bartender there today, so it was even more peaceful than usual.


Bought Firewatch on impulse and beat it in one sitting (about five hours). 8/10, I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an afternoon to kill and wouldn't mind something a bit relaxing and different.


Blasphemous is good.


Finished Trials of Mana last night with a part of Kevin, Angela, and Chawotte on Hard. Overall a pretty fun game. I wish the redone soundtrack was more dynamic and that the game had more exploration. It's a fun, if simple, time. Post game stuff next.


First Quick post. This is still fucking weird.


The music in the Bravely Default games is mid at best. I don't think I've ever gone out of my way to listen to any of it outside of the games and I find myself turning it down a lot of the time. #Thursday


Been listening to some Aaliyah and goddamn I wish she were still here.


Thursdays are particularly special days to be sure.


Not in any particular order.


It's sideways, but fuck it, here's a random selfie. Bored at work. I think this is first I've posted?


So it turns out, IceJJFish is still making music. Fucking hell. Never stop following your dreams, folks.


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