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Played 2 games of that new Halo online. Was good. Uninstalled.


Just completed Huntdown. You have unlocked badass mode... Nah. Nah it's Friday and I am not a badass.


Note: Listen to the Huntdown soundtrack, on repeat, for my hour long work commute.


Listen here Mr Billy-Bob GamesIndustry, I will not be buying previous generations games for £70. So you stop that. You stop that now.


An Evening with Cuno | 2021-22 Tour. RRP £25.00.




Does anyone still play Ring Fit Adventure?


I'm being haunted via the internet. This twatter's in every advert, youtube trailers, pop-ups... I cannot get away from him! Is this normal?


Woke up at 3.30am. Turned on FFVII remake. Completed it. 11.00am. Bit tearful. Back to sleep I go.


Modded Witcher 3 so it looks next gen. Realised I've done all the quests I wanted to do. Spent the night gathering outstanding armour. Sighed. Look around as the sun set. Turned it off.


Step 1. Make free adventure game. Step 2. Tell the good people of Reddit. Step 3. Violently ejaculate beneath the downvotes and hatred. Step 4. Make another adventure game.


Dear Sweet Smelling friends. I released "Shit in Trump's Bed" on itcho.io today. Obviously I can't recommend it. I mean, you are shitting on a mans bed. But if you feel the need... drmcscott.itch.io/shit-in-trumps-bed-the-adventure-game




Day 1 of being 40. I have a hangover and I am tired.


It is 2.23am and I have just completed Mark of the Ninja. Now THAT was a game!


Game Idea: Massive Fingers. Tiny phone.


One must never play Blade And Sorcery in a thick jumper. Heed my words.


You know when weapons get nerfed in patches... fuck that. Game devs should unnerf every weapon in the game after a year. A pox on ye balance! A POX!


My opinion on this has not changed.


Really enjoying Just Cause 4 until OH FOR FUCK SAKE game's shit BLOODY HELL did you SEE THAT Just Cause 4 is amazing.


My first bird animation. Scott. Aged 39. What do I call him? Does he need a small top hat?


Today I created a wonderful rock track about "Man Hands".


To my dismay I have found there is such a thing as being too British. Damn my eyes! DAMN THEM TO HELL. Also I'm doing well, thank you for asking.


Paper Beasts has one of the very best VR intros. Very pleasing! Very wool.


Rejoice all. Rejoice! For I have won Paper Beasts and never need to leave the house ever again. Cheers and goodbye.


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