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While I was really hoping for a Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster, happy Dread coming out and that it is getting a special edition.


I have come to the conclusion that unless it is Iwata, no E3 presentation should have a host.


That Randy Pritchford/Kevin Hart sequence was sooooo awkward.


Are there not going to be front-page posts for E3 streams anymore? Shitposting on the streams is basically my favorite part of E3 at this point.


It's official. Netflix's Castlevania getting a "spinoff" that will star Richter Belmont and Maria Renard. Link in comments.


I just realized I need to stop being lazy and get my Disqus working on the front-page so I can participate in my favorite event of shitting on E3 streams with the rest of the community. Pic unrelated.


I don't have much faith in Netflix's live-action Cowboy Bepop, but it's been confirmed Yoko Kanno will do the music behind it, so at least we'll get some bangers out of it.


A weird part of me likes to think Jewel's "Foolish Games" is actually about a Game Developer she is now disappointed in. Maybe Blizzard. Or Bioware. Or Bethesda. It's a long list.


Looks like Gundam Seed is getting a film sequel that takes place after Destiny. Looks like time to get the liver ready for the "Take a Shot Everytime Kira Jesus Yamato disables a mobile suit" drinking game.


Loved Prey (2017). Though near the end I did feel so overpowered that I could just rush through most sections. Can't wait for Deathloop, as been a big fan of the Arkane games.


June 24: Netflix finally releases Godzilla Singular Point worldwide. I hope y'all ready for some Jet Jaguar action.


Super Biased Seasonal Anime Shout-out: To Your Eternity (Crunchyroll). The manga it's based on is a fav of mine. I think it's a super emotional, interesting fantasy epic (without most typical anime tropes). If you decide to watch, skip OP/ED, as spoilery.


The animation team for the last season of Castlevania just went all out. I don't think I've seen such good action animation out of an American-produced TV property since Legend of Korra. Semi-related: The title for this vid had me dying.


Seasonal Anime Shout-out: Vivy: Fluorite Eye's (Funimation). Others, like NeoTurbo, already shouted this out, so you shouldn't really need this post. But to add two things: 1. I liked the first few episodes enough to get a Funi sub. 2. Has Nier influences


The author of Chainsaw Man tweeted this drawing he made of his idea of Captain America (according to machine translate), and I love it. Also, if it was drawn in regards to the themes of Chainsaw Man, it makes hell of a lot of sense.


Seasonal Anime Shout-out: Zombieland Saga Revenge (Crunchyroll). Sequel to a show I'd never have thought I love as much as I do. Plus 1st seaso has the most memorable starting episode scene ever for me. Best clip I could find of it, though missing bits.


Been super addicted to Ghost in the Shell recently. Such a great universe, and I just love me a good philosophical cyberpunk show, even if it can get super confusing sometimes. Plus, love me dem Tachikomas.


Seasonal Anime Shout-out: Odd Taxi (Crunchyroll). Don't let the cute animal look deceive you. If this story were made with real people, it'd probably be a hit HBO show. Extra shout-out to community member who first brought it up or I'd have missed out.


Seasonal Anime Shout-Out: Megalobox Nomad (Funi/Hulu). If you miss 80s/90s anime, this show might be for you. First arc hit especially hard for me, being a kid of immigrants. Plus, has best op/ed (in comments) pair of the season for me. Is a sequel.


Seasonal Anime Shout-out: Those Snow White Notes - Crunchyroll The story is predictable, but damn is the music really good, especially if you're a Shamisen fan. At the least, worth just watching clips of the music parts.


Just found out that Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers) has a new movie coming out. Saw the trailer, and oh man, not what I was expecting. Posting in comments cause super NSFW.


Watched Mitchell vs. the Machines cause it is produced by Lord and Miller (21 Jump Street, Lego Movie, Spider-Verse). It is dumb, family fun that I legit laughed at points. Animation is great too, even if it doesn't hit the amazingness of Spider-Verse.


After watching Another Round (which I enjoyed), watched The Hunt (2012). The viewing experience wasn't ideal (commercial breaks), but holy crap was that movie good. Mads just at his peak.


Looking through QToid today, and all I gotta say is some (all) of y'all need Jesus.


Is the vaccine supposed to make my balls tingle?


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