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Damn it Gamestop, if you are going to pass off used games as new, at least take the time to shrinkwrap them again so I can live in ignorance.


Hell yeah! Konosuba is getting another season. About damn time.


Everyone out there Steam deckin, but I feel no one giving Nintendo any credit for coming up with a new system that had so little interest that I could pre-order it with no issues.


Congrats to Italy. As I saw on Twitter. It's coming Rome. Though sucks that it came down to PKs. At least England team pretty young, so more chances out there.


Will the Switch be the longest Nintendo console generation? Assuming Nintendo is not going to say FU and release a new Switch next year, than at min, Switch gen may be 6+ years. I wonder if it may have been better to just release Switch 2 next year.


God damn am I excited for this.


Godzilla Singular Point had some great animation, fun sequences, and most importantly, Jet Jaguar. But holy crap was the technobabble confusing. I honestly couldn't explain even 25% of it. Also, Netflix subs suck, but I hear dub is good.


Ahhhhh, the first look for Chainsaw Man's anime. I can't wait for this to come out.


I was fine with where I work, and then I found out Bandai Namco has a Chief Gundam Officer.


Looks like current state of Back 4 Blood is always online even for single player. Oh well, based on Redfall, Siege: Extraction, and some other games, looks like 4 player co-op modes are making a comeback, so maybe one of them will do it right.


I'm more than willing to deal with whatever ensures Destructoid stays up and running, but the size and frequency of ads on mobile articles is jarring. On the other hand, I'm now like 99% certain there is a new season of Fortnite.


Holy Crap are the Metroid Dread stuff selling out quickly. Luckily snagged the Special Edition, but no luck on the Amiibo yet.


While I was really hoping for a Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster, happy Dread coming out and that it is getting a special edition.


I have come to the conclusion that unless it is Iwata, no E3 presentation should have a host.


That Randy Pritchford/Kevin Hart sequence was sooooo awkward.


Are there not going to be front-page posts for E3 streams anymore? Shitposting on the streams is basically my favorite part of E3 at this point.


It's official. Netflix's Castlevania getting a "spinoff" that will star Richter Belmont and Maria Renard. Link in comments.


I just realized I need to stop being lazy and get my Disqus working on the front-page so I can participate in my favorite event of shitting on E3 streams with the rest of the community. Pic unrelated.


I don't have much faith in Netflix's live-action Cowboy Bepop, but it's been confirmed Yoko Kanno will do the music behind it, so at least we'll get some bangers out of it.


A weird part of me likes to think Jewel's "Foolish Games" is actually about a Game Developer she is now disappointed in. Maybe Blizzard. Or Bioware. Or Bethesda. It's a long list.


Looks like Gundam Seed is getting a film sequel that takes place after Destiny. Looks like time to get the liver ready for the "Take a Shot Everytime Kira Jesus Yamato disables a mobile suit" drinking game.


Loved Prey (2017). Though near the end I did feel so overpowered that I could just rush through most sections. Can't wait for Deathloop, as been a big fan of the Arkane games.


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