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Well it finally happened. Soulbow's Siege addiction has finally caused permanent brain damage. I hope you kids will learn from this. Siege #NotEvenOnce


We still sharing weird shirts?


I will start writing the final chapter of my Halloween CYOA story tomorrow, so today is your last chance to vote for how it will end. Link in the comments.


Here's another post about books I've read. A trilogy this time. The Nameless City trilogy by Faith Erin Hicks. I really like these books. Full thoughts in the comments and a spoiler for Uncharted 4 that I will censor accordingly.


Chapter 3 of my Halloween CYOA story is up. You can vote to decide how the story will end, as Chapter 4 will be the last one. Link in the comments and thanks to everyone who has read and voted so far. BUMP ONCE MORE


A buddy of mine once got a new phone after his broke, only to find out the "brand new" phone was a refurbished used one. How did he know, you ask? The phone was filled with some old lady's nudes. #Anecdotetoid


The Pokemon Center US store has added cool Lavender Town merch to their store. There's a scarf, a hat, and a color changing mug among other things. Very tempted to get something. Link in the comments for those interested.


Again, I have nothing to add.


I have nothing to add to this.


Halloween CYOA - Chapter 3

This is a Choose your Own Adventure type story. I'm writing it chapter by chapter, and I'm doing it all in a couple of days. As such, these are going to be very rough and not super well written, so please keep that in mind. Also I don'...


Writing horror stories at night is a bad idea. I need to sleep, but my head is filled with creepy thoughts.


#Confessiontoid I caved and bought Soul Calibur VI and the Tira DLC. I am part of the problem and you are all given permission to shame me.


I've been reading a lot of manga lately, so expect a few more posts like this. Dreamin' Sun is a very nice book that I would heartily recommend. Full thoughts in the comments, for those interested.


There's still time to vote for how Chapter 3 of my CYOA Halloween story will go. Which is good because both categories are tied at the moment. So if you would check out Chapter 2 and cast a vote I would be very grateful. Link in the comments. BUMP


Chapter 2 for my CYOA Halloween story is up. Check it out if you would. You can vote for how the story will continue in the blog's comments. It's a bit different this time, so keep that in mind. Link in the comments. BUMP AGAIN AGAIN


A while back I posted about getting a cameo in my favorite comic Go Get a Roomie. Since then I've actually made a couple of more appearances in the comic, including this one that has some readers shipping me and of the main male characters. So surreal.


Halloween CYOA - Chapter 2

This is a Choose your Own Adventure type story. I'm writing it chapter by chapter, and I'm doing it all in a couple of days. As such, these are going to be very rough and not super well written, so please keep that in mind. Also I don'...


Enjoy the delightful red panda for #pandatoid. I hope this gives our resident panda some joy and I hope things get better soon.


So this is neat. Pic by Absolum T.


Okay so I kind of forgot about my own Halloween CYOA thing. So today is kind of the last chance to vote for how the story will progress. Vote either in Chapter 1's comments or this Qpost's comments. Link in the comments. Comments. #BonusBunny


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