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Two more followers for D-Volt and Wes has to buy him lunch. And as a bonus I will finally shut up about this. So if you want me to finally stop with this shit, and you haven't done so already, then #FollowDVolt #ShutDephoenixUp #WLBGWednesday


I come home to find the war I instigated is still raging on. And I'm sure some of you are tired of it. Well I have good news! D-Volt is just 8 followers away from forcing Wes to buy him a lunch. We are so close! #FollowDVolt


Today's quick posts in one gif.


Look we all agree that Wes is a terrible Taco Man that most certainly spread the black plague across Europe from 1347 to 1351. But don't let that distract you from what's important. Getting D-Volt more followers than Wes. #FollowDVolt


I made a list of my least favorite final bosses in video games. Wes isn't on it solely because he isn't the final boss of Destructoid. Shame, because he does suck. #WesSucksEveryday Link in comments


Dephoenix's Least Favorite Final Bosses

WARNING! THIS BLOG CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR EVERY GAME ON THE LIST! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! "It's about the journey, not the destination." I hate that phrase. Because it's not entirely true. While the journey certainly does matter, ...


Had to take my car in because my check engine light came on. Got a gas valve leak and an oxygen sensor that's shot. Won't have my car back until Thursday at the earliest (they need to order in parts). Oh well, I don't need that $700+ anyway.


You see? My campaign to gift D-Volt with more followers than Wes is just and holy. This taco-man claimed to be an "all or nothing" fapper. Tell me, is 22 faps ALL of 106? Is it NONE of 106? No! He is a liar and cad! D-Volt is more deserving. #FollowDVolt


Even though D-Volt only asked for ONE more follower, Wes and I both agree that instead he should receive even more followers than Wes. At the time I write this the Taco is @ 106 and D-Volt is @ 19. He only needs 88 more to top Wes currently.


So I submitted the first chapter of a book I am writing for judgment by The Dom, one of my favorite Youtubers. It's in a cblog, so all of you can read it as well and judge it too. Link in comments. BUMP


The Adaptation Chapter 1 - Rough Draft

Author’s Notes: This is a rough draft of Chapter 1 for a book I am writing, tentatively called The Adaptation. This is one of three different chapter 1’s I wrote, and this is the second-ish draft of it. I know it still need...


So after looking at some reviews, and giving it some thought, I am considering getting MHW next week. What would help me make my decision is if someone who has played it can answer this question: How easy is it to get the Horizon stuff?


Well, Wes has won. I had hoped to ruin this for him by unfollowing him if he hit 100, but that function on the site is still broken so I could not. Fear not though, I will find another way to hurt the Taco Man. Not physically of course, but emotionally.


Wes is at 98 followers. That's the magic number where he's trapped in Limbo. STOP FOLLOWING THE TACO!


Well I had hoped Rise of the Tomb Raider would scratch my Uncharted itch and instead it made it worse. So now I am playing Uncharted 4. I'm sorry backlog, you'll have to wait a bit longer.


This was much better in my head. Oh well.


I should stop at some point.


Someone asked for a sandwich version.


Goddamit I was going to be productive today!


Apparently I feel sassy today.


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Super Mario Bros. 3 was the very first game (I remember) playing. Since then I have been a big fan of the medium.

I'm an avid gamer, aspiring writer, and a big fan of dark, offbeat humor. RPGs and platformers are my bread and butter, but I'm also a fair action/adventure guy too. Really there are no genres I outright dislike, just individual games. Every game genre offers something different, and I've come to love the variety. I feel the same way with comics, movies, manga, etc. Not really hung up on "genres", I just like what I like, and I don't care what genre it is.

Recently I've been trying to "break out of my shell" by getting out of my comfort zone and trying things I normally would not. Because of this I have discovered lots of new games, books, manga, shows, and movies that I now love. I do my part now to try to help others expand their horizons and get out of their own familiar space and try new things.

Destructoid has been a big help in getting me to broaden my horizons, and interact with more people outside my familiar circle of friends and acquaintances. I've come to love this site, and look forward to sharing more with you knuckleheads.