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And here's the other pallet cleanser I watched, Good Luck Girl. Full thoughts in the comments, but let me just say, this was a fun romp. I really liked this one.


As a pallet cleanser to my recent anime woes I checked out two new, much better anime series. First up I'd like to share my thoughts on Mr. Stain in Junk Alley, a quirky series I have a strange history with. Full "review" in the comments.


Time to learn what cannot be unlearned.


I watched a piece of shit anime called Master of Martial Hearts and I am so fucking pissed off I need to rant. So rant in the comments and please, please, PLEASE NEVER WATCH THIS TRASH!


TIL there was a Jay & Silent Bob/Degrassi crossover for some reason.


People asking the real questions on Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Amazon page.


This trailer would have been perfect if it weren't for the last line. Bad attempt at being sinister and "bad ass". Otherwise I'm pretty excited for this one to drop.


I have to give our local infestation of pornbots some credit. I have never seen them use the same image twice. That's pretty impressive.


The community has spoken. And so I. HAVE. BOUGHT. THIS. EDIT: Also he's going to need a name so...WHAT. SHOULD. I. NAME. HIM?


How about another round of SHOULD. I. BUY. THIS? Pics of all four figures in the comments. Let me know which, if any, you think I should buy. BUMP because...well because.


I have a question regarding Captain Marvel in the MCU? Have they actually called her Captain Marvel in the movies yet? I don't remember them ever actually saying the name. This is actually true for several characters now that I think of it.


Sunkist has a new strawberry lemonade flavor. It's pretty good. Tastes like the pink PEZ candies. I hope this flavor sticks around. I can see myself adding this to my list of sodas to keep on hand.


The Troy Baker/Nolan North Uncharted Let's Play is super weird. It's just odd to have Nolan say something and then Drake say something and have it be the same voice. Also Troy Baker is too handsome. It's distracting.


We'll never know what this was. Let that sink in.


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