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Platinumgames should make a Sonic the Hedgehog game.


The Yetee is selling Fire Emblem: Three Houses designs for the next 12ish hours. Thought there might be some folks here that could be interested. I'll drop a link in the comments.


This is a real movie.


Build-A-Bear Workshop but for Furby's.


When I was a kid I saw a movie or show that had a scene where a guy was given the chance to save his family from being like, crushed by a boulder or something. But he kept failing over and over. I have no idea what show/movie it was. Any ideas?


Some of the puzzle ideas in Astral Chain could have used some more thought. Specifically the thought, "Let's not put this in the game."


Downloading River City Girls, not that I'll be able to play it for a while. Still working on Astral Chain, will follow that up with Control. After that, maybe River City Girls. Or maybe something else. Not sure yet.


Do you ever wonder if, while going through puberty, a young Clark Kent ever ejaculated a hole through the roof?


Well I just got photo mode in Astral Chain. May be the first game where I actually use it.


So Astral Chain is gorgeous.


At the start of the year I made a pledge to beat one game on every console I own and then I pretty much immediately forgot and the year is almost over and I have like 8 consoles to go and so now I'm trying to figure out what the shortest games I own are.


Also Builders 2's final update is out. Multiple save slots and epilogue are here! I'm actually going to be a mad man and hold out on the epilogue until I've basically 100%ed the game and finished my building on the Isle of Awakening. If I can.


If you could give one failed game/movie/book/whatever a new entry, not because you think it deserves one, but just to watch the internet implode at its existence, what would you choose?


I'd like a future Builders game to have a time travel mechanic so you can go back to the towns' halcyon days and see what they looked like before all the decay and destruction. Back when things were all shiny and neat.


Friendly reminder about this month's Band of Bloggers theme, The Company You Keep. Still plenty of time to write up a blog for it. Which is good news for me too. Pic unrelated.


Now that Sony owns Insomniac can they make them make Overstrike the game it was supposed to be?


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