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When the fuck is that new Pokémon Snap coming out?! Also #Cursedmas


Isabelle said there was snow on my island. There is no snow. She lied to me. She is now dead to me.


Just beat Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Other than the final level, I really enjoyed the game! It had a very nice, relaxing atmosphere that juxtaposed the carnage happening on screen quite well. A truly unique experience I am glad to have had. Hope there's a Pikmin 4.


Y'know what? Fuck it. If you guys are staring that padoru bs early then I'm starting #Cursedmas early. Dropping something in the comments. Slightly #NSFW


Pikmin is an oddly satisfying game.


Happy Birthsgiving Seymour! Picture (hopefully) unrelated.


Sometimes you just find something you want everyone else to see, y'know?




Bobbing for apples, but instead of apples, it's pickles. And instead of water, it's pickle brine.


At the risk of giving Soulbow an aneurysm, I have to confess, I recently bought an XBONE copy of Siege.


Went to Target to finish up my X-mas shopping. Scored a Game & Watch, Mario Kart Live, and all the BotW amiibo (except Revali that elusive Falco lookin' motherfucker). And now I don't have to enter a store ever again.


I've reached the point where I am genuinely concerned about Bayonetta 3 ever actually releasing.


Found Goofierbrute's hoodie.


After almost a week I finally have internet again. Ice storm last week took it out along with our power. Got the power back in about half a day but the internet was shot. It was the cherry on top of a pretty shit week for me. At least I got my PS5.


Happy birthday Chris! Sorry I didn't have a more relevant picture to post!


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