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You know those ink blot tests psychiatrists use? I don't think they work on me. All I see is that guy from Watchmen.


Apparently the Rise of the TMNT cartoon got canned. I wan't a fan (just didn't really feel it for some reason) but I respect the work that went into it and I feel for its fans. Also it seems to be another victim of Nickelodeon's self-sabotage.


Omg GM made a holiday...


So apparently "YouTuber goes on whacky (mis)adventure(s) to obtain a large plushie" is going to be a thing.


Some interesting additions to today's Suicide Squad game news.


This isn't entirely correct, but it's an interesting thought.


This was an oddly interesting little video.


So Spider-Man is exclusive to the Playstation version of that Avengers game.


PB&J eaters of dtoid! How do you feel about smooth PB&J sandwiches? #Cursedmas


Normally I would never spread anything having anything to do with this man, but this? This is an exception.


Monster Crown is now on Steam, Early Access. It's like the old Pokémon games if when you bred two different monsters you got an actual hybrid. Looks neat. Waiting for it to hit Switch personally. Link to the Steam page in the comments.


Drop your tombstone gifs in the comments.


Apparently the Jackbox people are fans of the Drawfee crew and let them play the beta version of a new minigame before anyone else.


So this is what Arceus almost looked like, eh? This was almost the Pokémon god? We were robbed.


Just beat Ghost of Tsushima. One of the most satisfying games I have ever played. Might be my favorite PS4 game. Now to take a break from games for a while. The past couple months have been heavy.


Random question for those of you playing Tsushima: Which horse did you pick and what did you name it? I picked the white one and named it Nobu (Trust) because you have to trust your horse.


I'm beginning to wonder if Ubisoft's aversion to female led games is one of the big reasons Beyond Good & Evil 2 is in development limbo.


I really like manga. That is all.


Have I mentioned lately that I like Ghost of Tsushima? Because I do. I like it a lot.


Something really cool just happened in Ghost of Tsushima for me. Putting it in the comments because while not a story spoiler, it's the kind of thing that if you do it yourself is kind of special.


Imagine open world games if fast travel had never been a thing.


Ghost of Tsushima is shaping up to be my GOTY. Sucker Punch is a studio that just always delivers.


I'm curious what will happen at Nintendo when the day comes that Shigeru Miyamoto passes away. Will they just do whatever they want to without him being able to interject his own ideas? Or will all the IPs he created/helped create just die with him?


Finished Deadly Premonition 2 last night. Thoughts in the comments. No spoilers.


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