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Got to hang out with my two best buds last night and play Smash. It's crazy how it feels like an entirely new game. Smash 4 felt like just Brawl continued. Ultimate made us feel like kids again.


The trailer for the next Avengers dropped. I'm leaving it in the comments so anyone who's avoiding it can do so more easily.


Can we all agree that The Game Awards hate boner for vaping was some real #Cursedmas shit?


I'm hoping one of Smash's DLC characters is Wolf Link (and possibly Midna). Smash doesn't have enough Links yet. #OneMoreLink


#Cursedmas Also write something for December's Band of Bloggers. This month's theme is Naughty or Nice.


The most emotional game collection ever.


Monster Hunter, but Zelda. Thoughts?


So apparently Nintendo added the ability to switch Kirby's face to his old school artwork design. Weird thing to add, but kinda cool, I guess.


Well I'm getting snowed in, so no work for me tonight. Which is both kind of good (get an ectra day off) but also sucks (not earning that extra money, co-workers will have a harder night, etc). ANyways, here's another #Cursedmas


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