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One thing that bothers me about Monster Hunter Stories 2 is that some of the most interesting looking monsters aren't rideable. Like...why not?


Haven't been keeping up with DC comics all that much but I'm really digging this new Scarecrow design I just found out about.


Switch OLED preorders are going up. Going to drop a tweet with some links in the comments. For those interested.


Capcom added Palamutes to Stories 2 and of course it's convoluted as hell, is only obtainable near the endgame, AND requires doing online multiplayer. Fucking hell Capcom, free DLC shouldn't come with hoops to jump through.


How do we live in a timeline in which Sir Patrick Stewart never played Alfred Pennyworth in a Batman movie?


One more: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night the Musical. Critics will go nuts for Dracula's "What is a Man?" song.


Not to take away the importance of my last post, but also: Devil May Cry the Musical


Resident Evil: Village the Musical


If you are interested in a Kirby manga where Kirby is written to be a completely unlikable little shit then boy do I have just the thing for you!


The $10 calculator Switch app is on sale for $2. What a steal!


Good news: Went in for the follow-up for my dental implant and it's looking good. Bad news: I now have to get my wisdom teeth removed in a month because one of them was (and I am quoting the doctor here) a "time bomb."


Holy fuck they made a tabletop Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.


Star Lore, Teen Angel, Big Wolf on Campus, Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, Street Sharks, I Bet You Will.


If there was a gaming equivalent to the Criterion Collection, what three games would you want added to it? For bonus points, don't copy anyone else's choices. Extra bonus points if you don't shit on anyone else's choices.


Dunno if anyone is interested but Spiritfarer is getting a physical edition on July 27th.


THERE'S TOO MANY GOOD HAIR STYLES TOO CHOOSE FROM (this is about Monster Hunter Stories 2).


You ever get the urge to replay a game you didn't even like (or at least like that much) the first time around?


Happy Father's Day!


Hey if that Switch update fucked up your ability to download games/updates you might wanna try now. Mine got screwed but is suddenly working fully again. No idea why.


Got a new desktop wallpaper. Source in comments.


There's a weird conspiracy theory going around claiming that some dumb ass Kickstarter campaign is actually a viral marketing stunt orchestrated by Hideo Kojima to promote the resurrection of Silent Hills and it's just...


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