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Old users?

Where have all the old users gone like Yojimbo :(This site used to be amazing.


Killzone 3 leaked - Another one bites the dust.

This is a huge week for leaks on the video game front. First we had MVC3 and Crysis 2 leaked and now its turns out a "press release" copy has been stolen/copied and distributed on the web a couple hours ago. I expect in the next few days it...


The leaks of week.

So it seems that Marvel vs Capcom 3 is out in the wild today, I am not really sure if this is a retail rip of a copy that was grabbed from a broken street date or straight from "the lab"... sad day. MVC3 is just one of those games you shoul...


Retro fun! Shmups.

Hello world (er... Destructoid) It's been a long time. Ive been on a console collection as of late and I came across a Dreamcast in almost perfect condition (Yeah I know, starting a console collection sans Dreamcast?!) and I picked it up f...



Yeah... I am still alive, update soon on my amazing story of sorrow and defeat. Dephect loves you all. Kisses.


XBOX dash update - In ninja vision -

Interesting video... This highlights some of the things people have been wondering about, such as how the themes will work, how you look up the achievements etc. Overall when I first saw this dashboard when it was just being talked abou...


I got my Xbox 360 from Destructoid!!!

Ah, finally... it arrived today. I was cussing the UPS people in IRC and the BAM the truck pulls up. Its up and running, no RROD out of the box (phew). The only problem it does have is the USB section is broken (the flip lid) and it has a ...


NES emulator working on the PS3 with BD-J.

The BD-J home brew scene has been picking up lately... it started off with some Pong, then we got some Snake... but today a new standard has been set. A Japanese coder recently released an NES emulator that works with the help of BD-J on...


XBOX 360 Update Leaked and being used

Install process- Loading the Dash- It seems that M$ has had their new firmware for the 360 leaked... already, as well as running on modded consoles. There has been no word if this will get you banned or what not, but its out there in th...


Resistance cryptic sites (Updated)

Following a post on dtoid c-blogs by Manta, I found out that the people that signed up for the Resistance 2 beta had gotten an email... a cryptic email. Reading through the email I noticed "Project Abraham" mentioned and decided to have ...


Xbox 360 - New dashboard/Halo wars

So there is the new dashboard for the xbox 360... I think it looks nice dont you think? Its just that I have a small problem with it, it looks way to much like XBMC (homebrew app) for the XBOX 1. From the game covers to RSS styled feeds...


My daughter, born July 4th

Yesterday (July 4th) at 7:22pm my Daughter Kaida Mai was born... I am so happy and filled with love over this blessing I had to share the news with you guys. To everyone who already knew what was going on in my life and said congrats, tha...


PSN update July 3rd - US/EURO

U.S. PSN Update - At least we have Qore? I dont know... here is the list. "Playable" content Qore episode 2 ($2.99 - includes Naruto demo) Add-on content Guitar Hero III "Top Gun Anthem" song add-on (free) Rock Band DLC: Crüefest Pack ...


Metal Gear Online stand alone version.

So, it seems that Kojima is so happy with how MGO is doing, they will be releasing a stand alone version of it on July 17th in japan for 17$ (or 1,800 yen for the Japanese). No word if it will be disc based or DLC on the PSN market place....


Haze demo in the wild. ITS PSN DAY!!!

Just a quick heads up for everyone in the U.K. or you sly americans with euro accounts.... the Haze demo is ready for your grubby hands to have a go. Also, some new trailers and some other stuff I wont be buying. Today is supposed to hav...


Give GTA a break, Haze demo May 6th.

Finally, a Haze demo to play with... supposedly coming to the EU PSN May 6th. News reads as follows. - From Lestrade (Community Team Leader) of the EU PlayStation Forums: Hi all, On 06 May 2008, SCEE will reveal a host of exciting ...


Wal-Mart, a broken PS3 and GTAIV.

As some of you know, I had been having problems with my PS3 and planned on returning it. Well, I finally found the time and thought "I should package it up", take it to Walmart before a month or so ran up and I wouldn't be able to exchang...


The Liberty Bay? You dont say!!!

It seems that this whole piracy issue that has went beast upon Grand Theft Auto IV has turned to an all new low. The website http://thepiratebay.org/ is actually celebrating the release of torrents containing GTA IV for 360... so much so ...


Call of Duty 4 = Double XP? NO!

So, I recently found out that the double XP event for Call of Duty 4 on the PS3 is only for the people buying the new maps. I wish I would have known about this before hand, I would have never gave it a second thought. I was told the logi...


Play Flow, grab a pillow.

I have come to the conclusion that flow is a horrible game, and as it turns out many agree. So far the only people I know that really enjoy this game are people that haven't played it (yeah I dont know, you work that out). I had everyone ...


NES 1988, The good ol' days.

Ah... the days before everyone and their lawyer told you games were bad for you and would make you kill your family in the middle of the night. This video made me happy. I can remember wasting my entire childhood in front on the Nintendo,...


UPDATE: How to get your Konami ID.

Genki-JAM brought this to my attention, so thank him not me. I just thought I would share it with everyone, it worked for me the very first try. I am now ready for monday. Guide: How to get a Konami ID within 20 mins Postby ACE on Today,...


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