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First DLC chapter (of 3) for Stranger of Paradise now has a release date & trailer (link in comments).


I probably spent way too long on this, but the pizza box which I scrawled an earlier version on last time I played it long ago got thrown in recycling:


Not entirely sure why I started it, but after much raging and spending far too long on the final boss, hardmode playthrough of Stranger of Paradise done. And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing to think I did all that. More in comments.


Finally finished Final Fantasy VIII, over seven years after getting the game on Steam, and after temporarily putting aside in my current series playthrough to play IX instead. Pic vaguely related:


Nioh 2 complete current 33% off on PS store & I'm just about done with the "remastered" Famicom games I've being playing obessively lately. Sorely tempted. Had a kinda love-hate thing with the first one.


Yakuza 3-5 now available on Xbox / Windows via MS store. Steam release probably at 10 am Pacific / 1800 GMT.


Why didn't they put this dialogue option in Remake dammit?


Test, please disregard. Pic not related to current status.


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