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2020 CDPR: "This is the absolute shittiest we could possibly be towards our employees. Enjoy our game!" 2021 CDPR: "Hold my beer."


Wow. This is easily the most impressive use of ray tracing I've ever seen. The attention to detail in the art design is likewise incredible, and it's all part of a *free* update. Masterful work by 4A. Will definitely be picking this up


Y'all I'm gonna fucking cry. This, even more than the movies, is where I fell in love with Star Wars (and also where I fell in love with RPGs). I'm so god damn excited for this


I am cackling in my living room rn lmfao please watch until the end, it's worth it (link below)


Why Bullying Works: My Column


You know a dev is good at humor when their game is still funny in alpha


In my own stupidity I just wasted a bunch of time and guaranteed I have to work late tonight (go me!) so before I dig myself out of this hole, here's a brief public service announcement. Happy Friday!!!


I got shit last year for knocking the half-baked PS5 OS, and 6 months later it seems it's now out of "beta". Glad they're finally adding all of this basic functionally that was missing, at least?


...well shit (I still have no interest in playing this tho lol)


Fuck these DRM batteries, man


Sony's shutting down patch servers too, apparently. Includes both physical and digital games. For disc copies of games that launched buggy, this is gonna be terrible for preservation (link below)


Still find it funny that Sony dropped $380M on Gaikai almost 9 years ago yet here we are today


I unironically want this as a skill point cheat code unlock


Hey this fucking sucks, man


Watching Neon Genesis Evangelion for the first time. It's pretty good, but man, what is it with anime and fetishizing young girls? Lol can I just get the cool mechs and dystopian scifi without the creeper shit?? 🤦‍♂️


Weirdly, the only game I'm considering buying from these Spring sales is a Contra Collection? Anyone know if these ports are good? $6.59 is an all time low price and feels like a steal for a 10 game retro collection


With Nintendo killing Mario and Sony killing an entire digital storefront I'm convinced this announcement is a troll -- I'm fully here for it tho 😂


Looking forward to playing the copy of Geometry Wars I bought in 2006 on my future Series X while continuing to [redacted] old PlayStation games on PC 👍 Thanks, Sony!


My take on the "streaming w/ boobs" discourse is we should rip the band-aid off and acknowledge that "egirls", IG models, etc are sex workers... which is fine. Like it's completely fine. Sex work is real work. I support labor, and you should too.


Let's fucking goooooooo


I said in Oct when they cut these platforms from the PC store it meant they'd eventually shutter them entirely, just didn't expect it this soon. Meanwhile, 4K Morrowind is on Game Pass and 600+ other back compat titles are still available on Xbox 🤷‍�


Hi. Journey to the Savage Planet is leaving Game Pass and I'm trying to determine if it's worth finishing (was kinda meh on it tbh). Tell me why I should/shouldn't in the replies. Also, here's a lol worthy meme


On today's DF stream they got a question about what games they wish were uncanceled. My picks are Human Head's Prey 2, Arkane's Return to Ravenholm, and Digital Extreme's original Dark Sector. I'll never forget this E3 trailer. What would you pick?


Hi. As Dtoid's resident Prey fanboy I need to issue a PSA to remind you that my favorite game of last generation is on Game Pass for Xbox and PC (and streaming) and you should absolutely play it (just don't look up any spoilers for it)


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