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Idk how any objective person can watch this and not acknowledge how deliberately misleading CDPR has been. *Criminally* misleading. Like, full stop, this is Aliens Colonial Marines level of false advertising, regardless of how much you like the game


Tfw you're tryna do photo mode but this mfer *desperately* wants to lead you to a new shrine


So it's been several months. I think tonight is the night I finally start my second playthrough of The Last of Us II. Still not sure I have the emotional bandwidth for this but... well I guess I'll find out


This thread by Schreier is making the rounds after the news that EA is losing the exclusive Star Wars rights. Certainly interesting to consider given the Machine Games/Indy news... Arkane Austin is hiring for a new project, too... 🤔


My feeling remains that this would have been a totally acceptable roadmap for a game released in early access. How easy that could have been...


So it looks like the Fallen Order update is still back compat code, not a bespoke PS5/XS upgrade/optimization? That would explain why the Series X version runs at a higher res. If so, would mean you can play the game direct from external storage still.


Old enough to remember when Rift Apart was a "launch window" game


Time is a flat circle


Wanted to give this a couple more weeks of thought, but here's my "Game of the Year List", more or less. This is obviously very specific to me (see: TLOU2 being a "surprise"). More thoughts below


Needed a good laugh today, and I got it (Ratchet is still my favorite tho!! 😂)


"It looks like you're trying to explain decades of fascism and centuries of white supremacy in America as 'gamergate, actually.' Have you tried logging off for the day?"


These guys don't miss


Good morning, and Happy New Year. Unionize your workplace.


PSA: Monopoly is on sale on Xbox rn. Don't buy it. You may spend 2.5hr with your friends just to lose on a series of dice rolls w/ a statistically negligible probability and then rage quit at 2AM. Picture related.


...so does this mean the Fallen Order team is getting put on a sequel? Since they're hiring to build a new IP rather than solely reassigning staff? Maybe? I hope??


I am begging fans of erotic games to draw the line at "chatacters who are clearly school childen" and "any instance where consent isn't given even if they were adults". Please. For the love of god.


Was considering writing a blog about how Cyberpunk needs to be a turning point for the industry before the business of full price AAA games collapses but... well we clearly are not there yet


The Arkham Trilogy was on sale for $12 so I picked it up. Replaying Asylum for the first time in a decade. Level design and story are great but idt the gameplay has aged well? Giving me a new appreciation for Insomniac's Spider-Man tbh


If you have a desire to play a functional, well designed immersive sim set in a dystopic near future driven by human cybernetic modification, DX: Mankind Divided is on sale for super cheap. I beat it earlier this year and really enjoyed it!


Hot take but the rubber stamp certification process of modern consoles is a fucking joke and the game never should have been allowed to go gold in the state it was in. Sony (and Microsoft) approved this disaster in the first place and that's on them


Beat Call of the Sea. The game kinda sucks? Unintuitive puzzles, cringe voice acting, and a largely uninteresting plot. It's pretty easy to pull at my heartstrings but this did nothing for me. Isn't worth your time, let alone money. Would not recommend.


Hi. I bought Hades. I'm not a fan of roguelikes and will probably never play this one. But instead of *only* boycotting certain games made under particularly bad crunch I wanted to support a developer who did the opposite. Because positivity is cool.


Control is on Game Pass. I beat it. It's okay. If not for the shit map, Destiny grinding fuckery, and performance issues this would be an excellent game. As it stands it's just good. Plot was ultimately underwhelming too. 7/10


The base PS4 version of Cyberpunk looking borderline unplayable. John compares it to Outer Worlds on Switch -- the launch version. We're very much in open world PS3 game territory here. Can't imagine how bad the unpatched disc version runs...


Say what you will about TLOU2, but the accessibility settings in this game are incredible and this award was well deserved. These options should be the blueprint for every major release going forward and I hope ND open sources these tools


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