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BabaGeek: Mega Man Meets Santa

Fresh off a nice holiday with my family. What better way to get back into the d'toid life than with another video of me exploiting my son in his Halloween costume. I think this is the last one with the costume for awhile, however, I have ...


Wii FNF: Mario is Dead

Ok, more MOH this week... we might touch on Mario Kart or Bomberman... but MOH is Awesome, you are missing out on an Awesome Wii game if you don't play this. Medal of Honor Heroes 2: Nicknames: craineum, digtastik, groebo (ie they all ma...


BabaGeek: In EGM, Get'um While They're Hot

* Hoping this doesn't come off as me gloating * For those of you who are interested... and don't listen to Retroforce Go, and Don't go into the forums, and have read my blogs about this years Halloween Costumes that I made... this blog is...


The Aging Gamer to BabaGeek

Its been some time since I last wrote a blog. Been busy playing games and enjoying the family around the holidays. This entry will not be about very much, but its just a quick announcement/explination, with many more articles to follow...


Wii FNF: Now with more MOH

This week we are going to try and get some more MOH going... If you haven't played it, you should... it really shows what the Wii controls can do for an FPS. It has some other benefits, like using EA Nation instead of WFC. Also 32 play...


Wii FNF: The Revival

We are receiving some love this week (and by love, I mean full on rape), and we are starting to get some love from the DToid community as well... There is still life left in the Wii's clumsy online shell. This is who we have so far: Cra...


Wii FNF: Post Thanksgiving Lazies

To lazy to do pics... just want to get this out in case anyone wants to join. Going to try this again... last week WFC let me down even more :( A few of us couldn't join in any Kart races, and we couldn't get into bomberman games until l...


Wii FNF: More Selections

The above video has nothing to do with anything, but it is Awesome all the same... This week we have a couple of people that have Medal of Honor Heroes 2. We already tested it out... and the Wii has officially spoiled me for FPS's on co...


Random Dtoid Avatar Viewer

I posted this in the Forums, but thought some of the people who stay out of the basement would like to see it as well. I wanted a way to see people's avatars, and in a random way... this grew from that desire. It did not take very long ...


Wii FNF: Get Your Kart Out of My Bomberman

Alright we are going to start mixing this up! Two games up for offer this week are: Bomberman Blast (WiiWare, $10) and Mario Kart. We will start with Bomberman, and then some might move to Kart later in the evening. Bomberman Code: 004...


Wii FNF: Kart, We Got Some Love

So the last time we did this, we finally got some love from the DToid community!!! YAY!!! I am hoping we have some more turn out this time! We will again be Karting it. The reason its always the same is, lets face it, there aren't a lo...


The Aging Gamer: Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is one of the best holidays, second only to Christmas. I get to dress up in costumes that are completely geek related. This year I even got to make the costumes which made it that much better. But another thing that kicks ass...


Wii FNF: Kart, Can we get some love?

This is what I feel like... I know the Wii sucks for online play, I know XBLA rules all... but is there no one else like me that's just got a Wii? We actually have quite a group joining us tonight. About 8 players... it would be awesome ...


The FEAR: Success

The Fear: Success I finally figured out why I suck at gaming... I can't handle success. It is just not in me to succeed. So much so that when I am actually starting to do good in a game, I psych myself out. I am my own worst enemy. Dr...


Wii FNF: Kart (any other suggestions?)

Ok, I am lazy... no pic this time. You get this this vid... Last weekend I was sick and trying to finish halloween costumes. This week its on like Donkey Kong! I am also taking suggestions for other games we could do on the Wii... Bomb...

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The Fear: Gamer Addiction

I have been gaming for just about as long as I can remember... and I am old, so that is a really long time, you damn kids. My fear as it relates to gaming has nothing to do with any specific genre of games, or different elements in games...


The Aging Gamer: Halloween Costumes - Mega Buster

The Mega Buster was another important part of the costume... I could have just done two gloves, but that would have been lame. Anyways, I liked Mr Wilsons idea of using tupperware for the construction, I just decided to take it to the n...


Kohl's is my New Favorite Department Store!!!

So me and the wife headed out last night for a rare night on the town. We had some dinner and then a little time before going to see Ghost Town at the theatre. There was a Play N Trade and a Kohl's not to far away from us. Seeing as ...


Wii FNF: Kart, Try #2

I am Karting it again... with a Zero turn out from Destructoid last time, I am hoping that we get some kind of interest. Also, let me know if anyone would be interested in some Bomberman Blast (I haven't downloaded it yet, but planning o...


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Name: Kevin
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I do things with costumes

While I have some favorite games:
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My passion is more table top now:
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