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It feels like every time I drive someone does something so stupid if I wasn't being hyper aware/defensive there would have been an accident. Just because you're suicidal doesn't mean I want me or my loved ones to get killed.


Any fans of Neil Gaiman novels/comics? I recently started reading some stuff, I'm curious what you guys think about anything he's written.


UGH! I decided against getting Dragon Quest on switch since I have it on steam but I WANT IT. And why does it have to come out a week after Links Awakening? Too much.


Is anyone else interested in that zelda like sparklite? It looks pretty cool. I might get the special edition bc impulse control.


I've been playing DQXI with the music off. I wish the switch version just got a new composer instead of just making it orchestrated. Aside from the music being bland,the composer is such a piece of shit, I wish square just dropped him. But money I guess


There is nothing I hate more than driving at night while it's raining heavily.


I almost forgot to say that the HBO Watchmen looks absolutely fucking incredible


I just saw a leak that claimed there are 5 possible lesbian relationships in Fire Emblem, and only one with two men. Hopefully not true, but makes sense given the fetishization of lesbian women and the grosser elements of the previous games.


It's literally been getting a few degrees hotter every day all week, and it was already so. Fucking. Hot. Apparently in a day or two the record temp from 1930 will be broken


I really liked Midsummor (spelling?). I'm re-watching Hereditary now. I think I might like it better this time.


Impulse ordered the complete Patlabor bluray. It has everything I want: comedy, non sexualized female characters,80s anime style, and MECHS! Also, Otomo is doing a new movie and the akira series, and Oshii has a new series too set for 2020. Exciting.


Are you ever in a car with someone who is such an awful driver you become numb to almost accidents and just pray you make it back alive? In times like these I feel like I'M baby driver even tho I suck


Yesterday I found: a Cowboy Bebop tshirt, a Princess Mononoke tshirt, kikis delivery service fingerless gloves (edgy), and the criterion blurays for Some like it hot, Blue Velvet, and Fire Walk with Me. It was all on sale and I was very happy.


Controversial opinion : Chrono Trigger is amazing. It's weird easily beating bosses on the first try that gave me problems for months when I was a kid.


Greyhound busses fucking suck


I lost my watch for months and then found it and then lost it again... I miss it.


I'm glad I found out about this game genie thing, bcause I can input cheat codes and make myself immortal, meaning I can play through a bunch of snes rpgs for the story and music without being stressed


Secret of Mana or Trials of Mana or Illusion of Gaia or Terranigma? Been looking into these games, was curious for thoughts.


I have to write four papers for Monday but I just want to play Majoras Mask :(


Sorry if this is beating a dead horse, but what ideas does everyone have for botw 2? How will they handle using the same world? What gameplay elements do you think/hope will change?


I played the cristales demo (jrpg inspired) and it was so fucking pretty. Excited for that game.


I would literally give my balls to just have BOTW 2 rn


Just saw a man in a car honk at a woman walking in front of me- his intent was very clear. He looked so angry and agressive. My gf said she saw the same girl in an elevator later and she looked upset. I wish something terrible would happen to catcallers


Preordered the physical collection of mana for switch and ffvii with art book and CD, just in case.


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