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Two random dragonball super related thoughts : 1) Isn't it weird Mei is crushing on young trunks since she used to be an adult? What is this, "Big"? 2) yajirobi is a total stoner. I bet he spends all day snorting crushed up senzu beans with the cat


Dragonball super opinions? Only started watching it a few days ago and I'm curious what yall think


I just found out the new arctic monkeys album comes out the day before my birthday. Life = complete


I bought Mark of the Wolves for my new phone for the novelty of it being on a phone and now I have to buy an adapter 3+ times the amount of the game and hope I can use my fightstick on my phone so I don't feel like an idiot


I love the shadaloo research website for SFV where you can view everything about the characters. I've also figured out the characters I like the most and wanna get good at: Ed, Sakura, and Zeku.


I wish I could have the stages in KOFXIV in SFV. I hate the NPC's in street fighter but the KOF stages looks awesome. The destroyed stadium one even had very Akira like music.


I was just watching a gameplay video of P.T. and was reminded I think that was the best gaming experience I've had. I remember my friends and I playing it in the dark when it first came out and how terrifying it was.


Question for you guys: would you say Street Fighter V plays similarly to the Alpha games/third strike? Obvious they will have some different inputs/special abilities but do you think those skills would transfer? I've only played a little v, nothing else


Somehow I hadn't heard about that street fighter 30th collection. I'm super excited for that, especially for alpha 3 (Sakura!) and third strike. I'm making someone else get good at mark of the wolves w/ me so I think those skills will transfer.


So I bought mark of the wolves AGAIN on ps4 just so i can use the training mode and I just got the last blade 2 on steam which has online.


Within the past few days I've gotten Mark of the Wolves, Waku Waku 7, The last Blade, and now KOF 98, all games that came out around when I was born and never played before. I also got the pokken controller for the good Dpad. I can't help myself.


Simpsons or Futurama, which do you like better? You can rank different seasons and whatnot separately


People on the Migos tour bus were arrested for having exactly 420 grams of weed, among other things. You have to respect that they had that specific amount.


I can't help but hope ready player one has some kind of directors/extended cut because I enjoyed it but there's enough things that aren't developed well that prevent me from calling it a good movie and I think an extended cut could help that


I picked up Mark of the Wolves on switch. I fucking suck at fighting games. I wish there was an online mode so I could find other people to play and practice with.


Finally saw Isle of Dogs and I'm ashamed to say I fell asleep in the middle. Last time this happened in a theater, aside from valerian, was during Kubo, so something about stop motion sedates me. The symmetry and soundtrack is so calming to my psyche...


The drive who hit me is claiming it was my fault even tho she wasn't insured, she didn't submit a police report like I did, and i took photos of the whole accident, AND have a witness. I fucking hate insurance companies and people


Taking an acceptable passport photo is practically impossible. No shadows, white background, completely straight, no glasses, exact length, etc. I just look like a meth addict or criminal no matter what. If they deny this one I'll throw myself off a cliff


I'm so pissed off I was planning on going back to school and using summer classes to catch up and I see I missed the "reenroll deadline" by two fucking days even tho I talked to someone 2 weeks ago who said I didn't have to


Apologies for posting so much about it, but I have to ask the people who have it, how far are you in NI no Kuni 2 and what do you think of it so far?


The cat people in NI no Kuni 2 look exactly like the cat girls fritz bangs in the fritz the cat movie and I can't stop thinking about that fact when I see them


When you buy ni no Kuni on PC and just want to play it with the dualshock but all of your micro USB cords stop working at the same time because MICRO USB CORDS NEVER FUCKING LAST!!!


When the fuck is the world ends with you for switch going to get a release date? I just want it now


Ahh, I do love getting home from a long night at 5am, with the place to myself. Time for a long night (morning?) of no sleeping, 420, and Persona 5. I'm making the mature decision to not impulse buy ni no kuni 2 yet.


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