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I can only manage to kerfuffle my way back to my body through random clicks, but I will let you know I am very invested in the Chris Bradshaw collective shenanigans in moyse's post lmao.


Guess I'm still lost in the void lol


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The first Orc of the season. Drastik plastik from 1986, one of GW's oldest plastics. And it shows...if I turn this model from any other angles you'll see plethora of molding errors lol. Oh well, they were 75p at the time anyways.




Welp, it took a month but my resident evil retread is complete. Did most of the mainline stuff including all the cgi movies. No spin offs, 0(hate it) or 7 and 8(yet)... my final conclusion is jesus fucking christ this may be the dumbest series ever lmao.


I have found the perfect image to encapsulate my feeling on GM's birthday. Interpret it as you wish :P


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I've got too much shit on my desk and this poor guy has been primed for two years so finally knocked it out. Was worried about how this guy would turn out but he looks okay lol.


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Halfway there...


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