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Current Status:


Current Status:


After a week of fucking around I got my leader for a Middenheim skirmish warband done. Albert G. Süßmann, the knight of the white wolf. Tune in next week as I dig through my hoard to cobble together the rest of the warband lol.


I'm like 12ish years late to the party but I finally played and actually finished Dragon Age. Kinda shocked this thing never got the remaster treatment as it was pretty good. Dunno if I'll do the expansion or dlcs yet or just move on. Current Status:


Current Status:


#LateNightHorseinAround Got this battle Valor games high elf prince done. I thought he'd be out of scale with my other 15mm stuff but he's surprisingly fits in 👍 I still have the shield to do but I'll save that for later...


And the winner is...Hlarge4!


Been a while since I've done a give away but I've got stuff I'm never gonna touch! Giving away this mummy army from ttcombat. Shortly after getting this I found two tomb king battalions lmao. Just leave a comment and I'll pick the winner Monday.BUMPfinal!


Yes, I own tomb kings too lmao. The dirty secret is that they're just the 6th ed skellies with an upgrade sprue. Also expect a follow up post about a giveaway...


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I unironically love it when games do the whole villain attacks your home base trope lol.




Alright the heat calmed down so I can start painting again. Starting out small with this 15mm armored battle trooper in not space wolves colors lol.


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When you can't hear all three ladies behind the counter and don't wanna say what for the 12th fucking time lmao. Current Status:


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Current Status:


Yeah, wasn't feeling it with this one. Didn't even bust out my lightbox. I've got a hoard of empire minis though so I've got plenty to practice on lol. On to the next one tomorrow!


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In a rare turn of events I was in the sci-fi mood for once so taking advantage of that lol. Bryan Ansell's asgard space marine on the right and a not hormagaunt xeno from khurasan on the left. I've got a bunch more 15mm sci-fi I might do this week...


I was staring at a map and West Virginia is freaking me out.


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