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Day 420 of quarantine: in the grimdark future there is only ska orks...


Oops all orks


For those still wondering the pie was actually filled with orcs!


Also I made pie.


Another day another ork boy. This one is albino because er warp reasons :P


Current Status:


Current Status:


Current Status:


An orc gunner for today! Moot green which is an obnoxious green was used for this one. Adding it to the list of future green usuage lol.


So this is a first for me. Still an orc of course, but at 6mm scale. For game systems like warmaster but those were in 10mm! Gonna see if I can get my hands on ork flesh and try contrast on these little dudes.


More boyz! Since 420 is month long more green is appropriate :P this one is vallejo intermediate green.


Yeah, I couldnt help myself lol. Gonna be doing alot of ork flesh experimentation. This one is just straight elysian green.


More sloppily done ork boyz ๐Ÿ‘


Current Status:


Quick and dirty grot before work. Gonna paint these guys like I paint skaven, base colors and a wash to tie everything.


Last nob is done, now onto the regular orc boyz.


Current Status:


Im still in the mood to paint orcs but I've run out of fantasy orcs to paint, so I'm doing some 40k ones in the mean time :P


I cant wait for peoples reaction to DooM 64's final boss level.


Alright thats Doom Eternal all finished. The second half made up for the first but I still feel the same way about it in the same way I feel about Doom 2, 2 out of 3 stars. Marauders can still go fuck themselves, they ruin the game.


These mauraders suck ass. Who the fuck thought this enemy would be a good idea?


All of us playing Doom Eternal.


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