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Terminator: Resistance is the best futre shock sequel we could have. Pc port is basic but it runs with no problems so far. I do miss these kinds of AA mid tier jank games.


This is an official GW photo.


Its been a little too long for me since I painted a marine. Not gonna lie I was gonna be a space wolves fanboy before I learned who the blood angels were.


More experiments in contrast and the quest for easy method yellow continues.


My little trip down nostalgia road has ended. Medal of Honor is old and jank but i still had a decent time. Also finally got to see the ending with my own eyes as my old disc would always freeze at mission 7.


So primaris aren't as perfect as cawl would make them out. (or GW is just back peddling lol) but the new boys still suffer from the black rage. Gonna be an interesting next few months...


What the hell are scooby snacks? Its a mystery that will never be solved...


Finally seeing what Lord Commander Dante looks like under the death mask after all these years...


Brother Ordellan assisting local PDF on a feudal planet-M.42


I really really like virginia/dc, but breathing in that cold air after coming home felt so great.


Welp, it is time. Current Status:




I really gotta stop leaving games 75% finished only to come back to them almost 8 months later :T


I cant tell who is worse when it comes to artificial scarcity, GW or nintendo, but I secured my copy of Feast of Bones. Time to paint up some little fat men and not tomb kings :P


One snowstorm later and these kids are still going out for candy, With giant trash bags as well! They are being awarded for their gumption :P


It is time...


Happy Orktober everyone!


Its been a long month, but I'm proud to say the orktober project is finished and I'll be posting pics tomorrow :P


Im not gonna lie, I always appreciate a big schnoze.


Glueing metal models hoping they stick.


Welp thats modern warfare all done. I know cod campaigns are short but jesus christ!


Xerxes did nothing wrong.


The orktober project is near completion. Not gonna lie im kinda proud of myself. Here is another sneak peak :P


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