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Current Status:




This new Cathay trailer is looking pretty good.


Alright it has been sorted. Thoughts and pics in the comments.


Whats in teh box?


I think I own more lead and pewter miniatures than I do plastic ones.


Capcom, My proposal: GIVE ME BACK MY SON!


Current Status:


A dwarf and a Paladin walk through a dungeon...


Lobot Status:


I still want a Mesoamerican fantasy rpg.


Current Status Aswell:


I'm curious to know how many people here know who this is. If you do please give me a good novel to start lol.


Current Status:


Sus Status:


Its been awhile eh? Can't remember the last Blood Angel I did. May or may not finish the box depending on mood. But it does feel "familiar" doing red again lol.


This thing is way too metal not to share lol. Now proudly displayed in the painting room to forever stare at👍


Happy Birthday Retrofaction! May your wheels be springy and your space suit clean and pressed :P


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