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Alright the heat calmed down so I can start painting again. Starting out small with this 15mm armored battle trooper in not space wolves colors lol.


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When you can't hear all three ladies behind the counter and don't wanna say what for the 12th fucking time lmao. Current Status:


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Yeah, wasn't feeling it with this one. Didn't even bust out my lightbox. I've got a hoard of empire minis though so I've got plenty to practice on lol. On to the next one tomorrow!


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In a rare turn of events I was in the sci-fi mood for once so taking advantage of that lol. Bryan Ansell's asgard space marine on the right and a not hormagaunt xeno from khurasan on the left. I've got a bunch more 15mm sci-fi I might do this week...


I was staring at a map and West Virginia is freaking me out.


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Welp it finally happened. One of my favorite miniature websites...changed its layout!


So I was supposed to do something else this week but one thing lead to another (Ohio) and now I finally painted my Balthasar lol. This poor guy was primed for like 3 years before I finally got around to him. Time for helrocket supremacy!


WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!?!?!? Edit: welp against my better judgement I played all the way through again. Yup, still trash and I'm pretty sure the last hour and a half didn't actually happen. Best $3 spent 👍


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We celebrate todays momentous occasion with Heston's favorite rapper! Happy birthday you fuck :P


So since im still in the mood apparently I went ahead and played the Serious Duke mod for serious sam fusion. It was delightfully amatuer and filled to the brim with duke nods lol. Now im just sad we're never getting another duke game as he deserves one.


More 15mm fantasy shenanigans for today. Copplestone castings barbarica line has some really good hyborian stuff in it. Which means some classic cimmerians! Probably my favorite 15mm mini so far lol.


Because dark alliance 2 is borked on Xbox currently so I decided to play duke nukem 3d for whatever reason. Yup, still superior to (vanilla) doom don't @ me. Tempted to go through the expansions since I've never touched those while da2 gets patched.


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