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Destructoid TCG UPDATE: D:E.K. MANUEL!

So, here's the basic set up for D:E.K. Players: 2-3 players Deck size: 50 cards, no more no less. Deck Limits: No more than 2 of any card. Initial Draw: 5 card draw, No more than 7 cards in your hand at any time. Objective of D:E.K. As a ...

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Expanded Universe: BattleTech

[Editor's note: brecksher talks about the Battle Tech games for last month's Expanded Universe topic. -- CTZ] The Battletech universe has been around since the early 80's and has since gone through so many face lifts, Micheal Jackson might ...


Friday Night Fights: To Be a Silly Sassy

An Epic tale of victory and defeat. A tale, the likes of which, has never been told. A tale underscored by Disney show-tunes sung by a chorus of Zombies... Epic 'Stach Prologue: It was a dark and stormy night, a night that evil lurks in ...


Acting 101: Play Video Games.

Theater is a dying art; and as an actor, that's a hard pill to swallow. There are potentially a million reasons why theater is going extinct. Some people say it's because of television, or because people no longer want to see local talent a...


I Love Me Some DS Homebrew: LoneWolf DS

Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Because, I sure as hell do. They used to be such an incredible idea to me, even thinking about them now transports me back to 6th grade, to the time when I could read at an 8th grade...


Up-DStes : Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Square unveiled a new website for their upcoming game, Kingdom Hearts 528/2 Days. Now, I can't read moon-speak but just hearing the music and thinking about the prospect of playing a new Kingdom Hearts on the DS is enough to make my pants...


Officially Unofficial Destructoid DS Theme

Now that Final Fantasy IV is out, I'm sure you will be putting your DS through a lot of use in the coming days/weeks. So, how about you bring a little piece of destructoid along with you? Introducing the Unofficial Destructoid Theme for you...


E3 Impressions. Also, pushups.

[A WEEK LATE EDITION: Yeah, I know it's a week late, but I've been really busy doing a benefit for the dog shelter in my home town.] Hm, what? Oh. I was just busy doing one handed pushups while using my other hand to grope at my "exclusiv...


A Cast of Thousands: Dr. Wily

"Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it." Josephus Daniels Now, I don't know who the #$%^% Josephus Daniels is, but he apparently gave Dr. Wily the words to live by. Really, a lot can be said about Dr. Wily, but no words could tr...


IS IT FAKE!? - R4 Devs Will BRICK Your DS Edition

A new announcement coming from the R4 Team explaining that the new Firmware coming out September 15 will be completely compatible with an original R4 card. (O RLY?) However, fake R4 cards with the new firmware installed may result in "damag...


Destructoid Community Achievements!

"What can I do with these..." I've been wondering a lot about what good can come out of using some of the buttons I've been making over the past few days. I have had a few ideas, even went so far as to perhaps consider literally making my ...


Late Night Surprise! [D-Toid Pins]

I've made another batch of goodies for the community. I used Ceark's avatar as my first community member inspired pin (I hope you don't mind). I'm working on something special too for the greater community to take part in, but if you have s...


I Love Me Some DS Homebrew:Protein DScratch

If you haven't heard about it, The DS has established itself to be a pretty neat lil' homebrew platform, with quite the community backing some really great programs. I've really been itching for some music creation application ever since I ...


Boredom Gets You Places Sometimes [Dtoid Pins!]

It's 5:00 in the a.m. and I'm up. Why the Hell am I up? So, in my half-woken stupor I stumble around the Destructoid website, watching as a few drunks meander about, wishing I could be as cool or as old as them. Then I head on over to the l...


To Destructoid and Niero: Thanx Gies!

I'm a relatively new member to Destructoid, but I already have grown attached to this place. I've only been here a few months, but I am glad I had decided to join this community. To Niero, thank you for creating a community that houses ...


And God said, "Let there be Destructoid!" And it was.

I walk around a lot between my classes here at college. Most of the time, I'll listen to music, but a few weeks ago I felt the urge to design something. But, what could I design with only my DS and a copy of Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin in...


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