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My GSAT scores: The Social Awkwardness Test

Earlier today Gizmodo posted a test to measure how nerdy we really are. While usually reserved for lame Facebook or Myspace notes, I thought I'd try the test out, and maybe you guys will do the same. Answers that apply to me are in bold. ...


Friday Free for All (NVGR)

I’m going to start sharing some random videos each Friday, be it one of my personal favourites, or just something I saw this week online. Probably not often video game related, but Friday is a casual day anyways. With the recent succes...


Force feedback helmet

To continue with their new gaming accessorizes line to "immerse players" TN games has created the HTX Helmet designed to let you feel your virtual headshots in real life "The HTX Helmet is worn in conjunction with the 3rd Space Gaming V...


The saddest day in XBLA history. *Update*

Today, everyone with an xbox should be mourning the passing of an XBLA legend. Early this morning...Yaris was killed. The entire product page for the incredible, lifelike racing game has been deleted from the arcade, is their no reason in t...


Gears of War movie poster.

Okay, so this isn't actually the real poster, it's a mock-up that was posted at From "So yeah, I was bored and the lack of news coming over the wire convinced me to pop open Adobe Photoshop and mess around for...


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