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Cakes That Look Like Video Game Consoles

Source:†blog.pinkcakebox.com We all thought of it: Give me a cake that looks like an NES, or an Atari 2600. A few folks have had cakes made to look like consoles, with mixed results. Itís not every day someone can have a perfect cake that ...


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Retrogamer by day, amateur game developer by night - Johnny L. de Alba, known in gaming circles as Arkonviox, has been a gamer all his life. His first console was the Atari 2600, which he still owns and manages to play from time to time. If he isn't gaming, he's making games as he remembers them best; Side scrolling and in the 8-bit style.

Johnny writes articles for a variety of websites on varied topics such as pirated and homebrew games for obsolete consoles, game development, and Ecco the Dolphin. For his latest articles visit his Retrogaming and Ecco the Dolphin website Arkonviox.com.

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