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Better with Age: Metal Gear Solid

This is going to be a bittersweet trip to write.   I just completed my usual summer playthrough of a good portion of core games, culminating with .  I originally intended to round it all out with my first experience of , but the...

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Gaming with OCD: Hobby vs. habit

[anystrom0 admits to his mild brand of OCD and how it affects his life, including the surprising lengths he'll go to satisfy that urge in the games he plays. He asks if you've ever had to deal with small, nagging details in attention too, s...


I Love You, Mario, but Your N64 Game is Shit

Okay, guys, here's the deal. I learned how to play before I knew how to properly tie my shoes.  I routinely skipped over the warps and still do so to this day in order to enjoy every aspect of the original titles on the NES. &nb...


To Binge or Not to Binge: Episodic Gaming

While struggling to come up with a blog topic, I popped into a local game store (we still have a few, believe it or not) and saw a physical copy of for the PS3.  I seized the opportunity to snatch it up at only $15, having thoro...


Ratchet & Clank, Heroes for Our Time

So, is not only coming to a theater near you, it is getting a rebootish treatment for the first game in the series.  Not only does this fill me with joy, it makes me wonder if there is a slight possibility that this could be...


Mass Effect Trilogy: Conquering the Backlog

First off, I want to say an Eva-sized "Thank you" to everyone who read, replied to and otherwise acknowledged my introductory blog here on the Dtoid community.  It means a hell of a lot to be embraced right away, and I w...


The Grandest of Introductions

 So yeah, that's a Boo.  It is also my way of greeting everyone of the Dtoid community. I have been lingering in, on and around Destructoid for years, always pitching comments to posts and recognizing some of the regulars wh...


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Gamer since I knew how to tie my shoes. Writer for almost as long, previously seen on Bleacher Report, NSFW Gamer and WhatCulture!

Currently freelancing as a research assistant on an undisclosed book, and as a contractor for Study.com.

Another love is wrestling, as shown here with my friend Matt: Smart Mark Roommates on Youtube

Also, here is David Cage's Willem Dafoe staring blankly: