DeS: Sephora makes esports debut with GIRLGAMER
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Happy Birthday droobies!

Hello all! I just thought everyone should know that today is droobies' birthday! I bought him Rock Bank 2 for his birthday (and a few other things) and vowed to learn to play guitar so we could play together. I used to sing, but since I ...


Thank You All For My First Destructoid Experience

Most of you know me as droobies girl by now, ya know the guy who is always getting naked for everyone. Well thanks to him I have been able to be part of the destructoid community. droobies and I hooked back up after a 12 year disconnectio...


About amtrak08one of us since 12:30 PM on 04.06.2008

My name is Amber and most of you know me as droobies girl. Droobies and I hooked up after a 12 year disconnection and found out that we had so much in common. I have always been a gamer, maybe not on the level that droobies has gotten me on now, but I have always played. My faovrite games are shooters. My top three are probably Gradius 3, Darius Twin, and Raiden Trad. I am a retro girl. I would rather play the NES or the SNES anyday rather than the new systems. Between droobies and I we have 9 consoles including a atari 2600. I am excited to be part of the destructoid community. Everyone that I have met so far has been completely amazing.