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Happy birthday Mike! Always glad to have you around here.


New WIP: pain boy and big mek. Just getting the base colors laid out. Can't wait to see how these turn out!


You know, Destructoid, I have a feeling it's going to be a good weekend. Things I appreciate in comments, and Rydia here says hi. She's ridiculous.


Happy birthday Ravenclaw and Nathan D! Here's a double rainbow from my son's soccer practice to celebrate.


Just spoke with the doctor that performed the surgery. It all went great, and should be another 45 minutes or so until absolutwife has recovered enough so I can go see her. I shall celebrate with Classic WoW and Blasphemous tonight while she rests.


Update on absolutwife's cancer situation: The genetics test came back with a good result. Only needs to have the lump removed instead of the double mastectomy that was possible if the test had gone differently. Surgery is tomorrow morning.


This fall is just brutal in terms of there being way too many great games to afford, let alone even having time to play them all. Anyone want to volunteer to go to work in my place for the next couple months?


I know I've said this before but FUCK TICKET RESELLERS. Found out Tool tickets went on sale today. Looked 30 minutes after the fact. Sold out. Of course StubHub is filled with assholes selling them at several times face value. Now I'm in a pissy mood.


Since Fire Emblem is so successful right now, I think it's high time for Shining Force to make a glorious comeback.


How much of a pain is it to replace the circle pad on a 2DS? It broke off on my son's, and wondering what I'm in for.


After that trailer for NBA2K focusing on microtransactions and gambling mechanics, I'm really starting to think it's a good thing that NFL2K died a hero and isn't around anymore to have this kind of shit crammed into it.


Oh my God. I just realized that not only does SoulBow play Classic WoW, I ended up in a guild with him.


Good luck to all of you who have been looking forward to Classic World of Warcraft. Logged on 35 minutes early, and I'm currently sitting at position 8306 with an estimated time fluctuating between 40 and 117 minutes.


With all of the crazy shit going on in life lately, small victories are enough to make me happy. Glad to wrap up work on the warbikers.


Is anyone else finding it impossible to add comments to the QPosts right now? Edit: Of course a minute after I post this it starts working! XD


So now after the cancer diagnosis, absolutwife managed to break her foot on Sunday (her birthday coincidentally) during an indoor soccer game. On the bright side, received an offer to become a full time employee instead of just a contractor. Continued...


After all this crap going on with Respawn right now, I would hope that in the future developers go about using dedicated PR people to do the talking with the general public.


Further proof that Magical Sound Shower is the correct choice when playing Outrun.


What's going on with the CBlog pictures? I first noticed this from Plisken's blog. Pics don't display if you enter them via the right side of the QPosts. They seem fine if you enter through the CBlog page itself.


It has been way too long since I've picked up the brushes. Back to work! Can't wait to get these guys finished.


Discovered that one of the phones TNs I'm working on today has an extension for a Dr. Ornstein. It is really hard resisting adding a second extension for a Dr. Smough.


Came back from my run yesterday, and absolutwife was watching Blade II with the kids. It still annoys me how much they wasted having Donnie Yen in that movie.


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