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Took a break from the orks to paint up the plague marines from the First Strike set. Once I finish up the bases, they'll be prepared to wipe out the populations of any anti-vaxxer planets.


Got my tickets to take the family to Endgame on the 27th! There was no way I was going to miss opening weekend and then try to have to avoid the internet for the following week.


Somehow my opinion of Ticketmaster is even lower. Didn't know this before, but you can resell your tickets on their site. So on top of the heinous "convenience charges" to start with, they get to double dip while resellers rip off legitimate fans. F 'em.


Finally caught up on season 5 of Bojack Horseman. Wow. This has catapulted it up into my "best shows I've ever seen" list. Episode 6 especially, "Free Churro" was incredible. Didn't expect an entire episode of someone talking at a podium to be THAT good.


From humble beginnings... here is my first mob of boys (2 short) and their trukk.


Anyone going to Tough Mudder Philly on the 18th or 19th of May? I'll be volunteering out on the course on Saturday and will run it with absolutwife on Sunday. Come on, it'll be fun!


Just saw this trailer yesterday. This looks like it's going to be pretty fun.


Now for the hard hitting question you've all been waiting for. Sekiro: Pronounce it 1) Seh-KIR-oh or 2)SEK-ir-oh?


Getting my oldest two boys a healthy dose of old school gaming on a Saturday morning.


Happy Birthday Ooktar, thanks for all the ThiccThursdays! Check the comments for your present.


I've about had it with this asshole. I've loved the game so far but this fight has me at about controller throwing levels of pissed off. I swear there's times I'm mid air and he sweeps low, and I still get hit. Fuck this guy. This concludes my rant.


Loving Sekiro so far. Got hung up in the estate that I reached from getting a bell early in (not sure if I should have even gone there right away). That shinobi hunter a-hole was really giving it to me, but so satisfying when I took him out finally.


For some reason I didn't pre-order Sekiro. Just fixed that problem by buying on Greenman during my lunch break. Now I only need my wife to get my text to wake the PC up so I can remotely install to be ready when I get home tonight...


In the home stretch for my test models of the new Evil Sunz army. Overall pretty happy with the results. Need to work on the bases and reduce a bit of the highlights.


Work is officially underway on the new project of an Evil Sunz force. I've only gotten the base colors in so far. Next up, washing and then initial highlights. I'll post some better quality pics when I make some progress.


Trying out the new pop up light tent I picked up. I would have liked the LCD it came with too be a bit brighter. I'll need to experiment a bit with extra lighting.


I've caught the fever again and I'm chomping at the bit to work on my 40k stuff again. First, to finish this squad of Dark Angels I started like six years ago so I can sell them. Too bad almost all my paints dried up. : /


Do any of you guys play Warhammer Age of Sigmar? I originally didn't like that they pretty much nuked the old world, but was curious if it turned out well or not.


Could we get a post on the main page when QToid is fixed? I think I'm done visiting here because it's pointless not being able to actually see anything.


Seeing some of the 40k stuff you guys have been working on is inspiring me. Looking to pick up the newest release of Necromunda for my birthday in May. Planning on making a Cawdor gang. Is the Gangs of the Underhive book necessary?


I wish I could access the Disqus comments in QToid.


Time to get tested to see if my vasectomy worked. Here's the sexy room I get to use. The little sperm decorations on the table really liven the place up.


There was quite the crazy afternoon at the school my kids go to yesterday. Details in the comments.


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