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Still working on the new boss. Finished his main body up over lunch break, and I'm incredibly thrilled so far! I am chomping at the bit now to finish work today so I can get started on his ride. This may end up being my favorite mini so far.


Happy Father's day and Juneteenth everybody!


Coming attraction... it's been a joy assembling this guy so far. Still working out a final color scheme. Hope you all had a good weekend!


Trying to actually finish some things up. Here's the rhino for some Sisters I had painted a while back, and now about to do some airbrushing to start the rest of what I have assembled.


In case you hadn't seen it yet, and wanted a little bit of good news, Raven Software (under Activision Blizzard) has voted to unionize. Would love to see that as a trend across the industry and see people treated more fairly to make the games we love.


I'm falling down the rabbit hole of Dune memes.


Trying my hand at using an airbrush! It was my birthday gift from the family. So far having fun with it, going to try some basic highlighting. If I get pretty handy with it, I think I may start doing some commission work.


Don't know if anyone had shared this on here before, but I thought this was pretty fantastic. Gives a vibe of stop motion miniatures using Elden Ring. Very cool!


My work place, mini painting workshop, and PC gaming space crammed into one location. #selfietoid


Have I lost my mind? After realizing Bad Moons suit my playstyle the most, I'm now embarking on turning my red boyz yellow. This is going to take quite a while.


Pic from Spring Assault, a small war gaming convention of sorts. Also update on things. Some bright spots, but this gets a bit dark.


When you come across an idea you need to see but it will probably never happen.


Keeping up with the minis from Imperium. Life has been less than great in recent times, haven't been around as much. Maybe I'll tackle that in another post.


Elden Ring has completely annihilated my painting productivity, but I was talked into checking out Bolt Action (a WWII game) as an alternate game to play. My first rifle squad of Soviets.


Decided to do a little more exploring after getting wrecked by Godrick initially, but ended up in much, much worse neighborhoods. So now back to finish off the castle, and looking forward to the challenge against Godrick. What was the destructoid MP code?


The models of the first three issues of Imperium. Not looking to reinvent the wheel here on color schemes since I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with the coming pace of models every month.


If you were to have purchased a game on the Switch that releases on 3/4, what time does that typically become available to play? I don't think I've ever bought something on the e-shop that I would be playing at the second of release. (Triangle Strategy)


The flail is fantastic. That is all.


After some initial success on the PC by getting my framerate stabilized for the most part, things are just too erratic in terms of random stuttering, and the crashes have returned. Luckily I'm fortunate enough to be able to play on Series X. Reroll time!


Doing a little modeling over lunch while fantasizing about hitting the Play button on Elden Ring after getting home from a roller rink party. If you were still considering imperium - some of the models are Ultramarines by default, if you were not aware.


I still get the chills from this opening. The music is even more incredible in the pixel remaster, which I was hoping for. I am finding myself a little bummed though that there are no opening credits with the march to Narshe at the beginning.


My chance to do a "what's in the bag?"


Just found out the Final Fantasy VI pixel remaster is releasing soon! On the day before Elden Ring. Current status:


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