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Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! Also I'm turning this into a #cursedmas crossover. Pic in comments.


Happy Birthday Seymour! Today I learned that apparently you have your own birthday song.


Oh yes! Divinity Original Sin II is on sale for $17.99. What a perfect time to have recently finished an RPG and ready to start another.


My kids are now hooked on Spelunky 2 and are discussing strategy while I'm working here. I'm so proud.


Officially cleared to return to the rest of humanity! I was inspired to work on some kommandos, and I am very happy with the results for the first five.


For every passionate shitter on your Christmas list.


Have you ever gotten pretty deep into a game, stop playing for some reason, and then start over in the future only to find you were very close to the end? Did that with Disco Elysium. Absolutely fantastic, one of the best RPGs I've ever played.


It's official, I've joined the ranks of the covid positive. So far so good, mostly just tired, but the lack of smell/taste is very weird. At least I've got a good excuse to sit around and get some miniatures assembled. :\


Didn't realize I wanted this until I saw it a moment ago.


Not quite the update I wanted to make. Both my wife and youngest son have tested positive. My son is feeling much better than he did yesterday, but my wife still feels horrible. Going out on a limb here and assuming I've likely got it too.


I'm very seriously considering a Series X for the family, but I had questions. Are Game Pass and XBL together as one thing these days, or are they separate? Can multiple family members play online with one subscription? Haven't had an Xbox since the 360.


Yesterday my youngest son woke up with a fever. Wife came home from work, also running a fever, feeling the worst she has since her chemo treatments. Thinks she might have covid, hoping it's the flu instead. She's getting a test scheduled - wish us luck.


Looks like PA is going to have to carry this country out of the current era.


The down ballot results aren't really great either. Hope you enjoy right wing politics in the US, because that's likely to continue.


And now for something completely different. Now that Orktober has ended, dipping my toes back into the fantasy pool for the first time in over 15 years. Going back to my roots with dwarves. (They were the first Warhammer army I ever bought.)


Thought I'd make a spooky post since Halloween is coming.


Since I finished WL3 and I've been seeing so many positive things about Hades, I picked it up last night. Got three tries in before bed, and I had a lot of fun, going to likely put a lot of time in on this one.


Finally finished up the Deffkoptas. Admittedly it was a bit of a slog working on these but glad they're wrapped up (will probably add some paint chipping effects later). Now to maybe finish up a mob I started earlier.


And that's a wrap on Wasteland 3. Excellent game, and definitely a worthy entry to the cRPG genre. I was a bit overpowered for the final battle, but the ending was pretty satisfying.


Ordinarily I'd not take pleasure in the misfortune of another, but fuck him. The memes are good.


Wait a second. In Spelunky 2 after 1-4, you split and can go into two different areas. Does this continue in the same manner in 2-4, 3-4, etc., kind of like how Outrun is? If so, that instantly makes me like this even more than I already do.


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