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Just beat Sonic’s story in Sonic Adventure on DC and holy shit is this game fucking terrible. It’s a glitched out, fucked up, poorly designed mess. I’m not subjecting myself to the rest of it. I’m moving to Adventure 2 because apparently I hate my


PSA: If you have a 4K Sony TV with Android, the most recent update makes the picture super dark and the only way to fix it is with a full factory reset. You’ll lose your settings so take a pic of the menus so you don’t have to recalibrate from scratch


Everything else if fine but this happens when I get to the credits in Super Monkey Ball on GameCube. Then the game freezes once I finish them.


Look what I found walking in the middle of the street on my way home from White Castle.


I decided to play some handheld Castlevania games at work because October is spooky month. Just finished Aria of Sorrow with the true ending. Time to move on to Dawn of Sorrow, which happens to be my first Castlevania game.


Looks like I’m running out of shelf space. Again.


Got it into my head to play FFXV again only to find out it needs an 8GB instal and a 29GB update. This console generation sucks.


I won Dtoid’s Little Medusa contest. Pretty excited to check out the game!


I made out like a bandit at a local used game store!


I reviewed the First 4 Figures Majora's Mask I got today.


First 4 Figures Majora's Mask Review

The Legend of Zelda is my favorite game series of all time and Majora's Mask is one of my favorite games in that series. Not only is the game great, but the titular mask is undeniably one of the coolest items ever featured in a video g...


I’m going to struggle to keep a straight face around the new guy at work. He’s much taller than me (I’m 6’2”), has really wide shoulders and a tiny little head. I swear to God he looks like the Goombas from the Super Mario Bros. Movie.


Fuck people on eBay who list a Model 1 Sega CD that doesn't read discs as "TESTED AND WORKING!!!!!" and then say in a lot more words that it's your problem that it doesn't work.


I should probably stop calling the handicap bathroom the cripple crapper.


Got to see a hippo up close at the zoo the other day. You don’t really understand how massive they are until you see one in person. Fiona (her baby) was behind her.


I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough to keep me busy during my 16 hour shift today.


Pics like this are why I follow Kojima on Twitter.


Added the Zelda Game & Watch to my Zelda collection. Here it is next to Ball, my only other Game & Watch. I miss Club Nintendo.


Why does the whole town hate me now? Littering the church’s Easter egg hunt with claymore mines was a brilliant April Fools Day prank. I even had a serum on hand to regrow any lost limbs. It’s not my fault it didn’t work and gave all the kids cancer


I just bought a 36” Sony Trinitron CRT TV from eBay for $35 with free shipping. If this thing actually comes I will be shocked since it weighs over 200 pounds.


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Hi everybody! My name's Peter and I live in Ohio. I was introduced to gaming on that fateful Xmas where I got a SNES with Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. All these years later and I love gaming more then ever!