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Update on last nights Dreamcast HDMI modding failure, I got in contact with one of the recommended installers and he said he'll fix it for $40 plus return shipping. He saw pics of the board and thinks it's doable. So I'm going to send it Tuesday.


Update to the Dreamcast HDMI Mod: It's resulted in failure. It displays extremely dithered picture and no audio. I'm shelving it for the night and going to do some troubleshooting tomorrow. I'm probably going to have to send it to a professional though.


I'm about to start installing my Dreamcast HDMI mod. If any of y'all are religious, pray for me (and more importantly my Dreamcast) that I don't fuck this up.


My housemate saw this advertised in the pack of Pokemon cards we got when we saw Detective Pikachu and had to have it.


I don't know what's weirder, the fact that this was in my recommendations of that I actually found it relaxing.


I may hate Sonic Rush (although it's a lot better playing as Blaze the Cat) but the soundtrack is by Hideki Naganuma (the guy who did Jet Set Radio) and it's fantastic.


After enjoying Sonic Forces I decided to play other Sonic games to see if I could find another good one. Sonic Rush can take it's surprise motherfucker instant death bullshit cheap level design and go fuck itself. Limited lives don't mix with Sonic.


My godmother had an Osborne 1 in her garage. All I've done so far is wipe the crud and spider egg sacks off it. Haven't tested it and don't know if it works. Should be a fun project.


Saw Detective Pikachu and really liked it. The end credits are really cool. Make sure to watch them until the 2nd song with lyrics because that song is great.


Mixed vodka with Bawls energy drink and have consumed about 7 shots of vodka in 15 minutes because I drank every time I died in Ghouls and Ghosts for Genesis. Somehow I'm further than I've ever been in the game despite being unable to walk straight.


I bought Sonic Forces for Xbox One and I think I need help. Seriously something's wrong here because I love it. I've played many Sonic games and hated almost all of them but I'm genuinely enjoying this one more than any except Mania. What is happening?


Just finished the Neon Genesis Evangelion at work today. Guess I have to wait untill I get home to see how it ends since I don't have the movie and the series just sort of anticlimaxes all over your face. Hopefully End of Evangelion actually finishes it.


I bought my housemate SNES HD Retrovision cables for his birthday along with giving him my old RGB modded SNES Jr. Unfortunately his Sony TV didn't like the signal and won't display it. So naturally he bought an OSSC to convert and scale it.


Decent haul from GameStop's buy 2 get 1 free sale on retro games.


You know the GameBoy is iconic when you can but magnets to make your fridge look like one. Happy 30th birthday DMG-01!


Finally bought the Smash Pass so I can play as Joker when he drops today. I rarely buy season passes but when I do I always wait until the first piece of content I want is released.


Got this today from eBay and it was $150 well spent. I played it, I beat it, and I FUCKING LOVED IT!!! It's easily now my favorite shmup of all time. Gorgeous graphics, challenging but fair gameplay, and a metal soundtrack from the gods! Play this game!


Notre Dame cathedral is on fire right now. Apparently it was being renovated so they're suspecting it's an accident but that is probably my favorite piece of architecture in the world and it's painful to watch this.


Metro Exodus has one of the worst intros I've ever played. I legitimately couldn't tell what I was supposed to do half the time and the amount of jarring first person cutscenes that don't even tell a coherent story was absurd. I really hope it improves.


I love living by the college. There's so many restaurants. I ate an enormous plate of really good sushi for dinner today. The meal was only $26 with tip too, which isn't too bad given how good it was.


Today's project was a success. I took my 32X completely apart, sprayed compressed air everywhere, and cleaned everything inside it including the cartridge slot, ribbon cables and sockets with contact cleaner. Reassembled it and 32X cartridges work again!


I just did the math and found out I consumed 1308MG of caffeine in the last 12 hours. Eh fuck it. My watch says my heart rate is 71bpm which is only about 10 more than my normal resting rate. I'll be fine until I crash.


Finally got all my art hung in the new apartment. This will be three concurrent posts with three pics. Starting in the living room, I hung all the Smash 4 posters. Seeing these makes me really miss Club Nintendo.


Second, here's the wall next to the Zelda wall I posted a week ago. That Kirby piece will be replaced with two more sexy pin-ups when I get around to ordering them from Shark Robot. I really am like a 14 year old boy.


And finally, my housemate calls this the Naughty Nook. Because of course I have all these pics of Zone-tan by my computer. I'm really happy with how my appartment turned out.


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