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Decided to play Battletoads on Sega Genesis, made it to the Ice Caves and then remembered why I never play Battletoads. It’s because the screen doesn’t scroll far enough ahead for you to see any obstacles. The soundtrack is amazing on Genesis though.


Finally got my pictures hung up on one of my bedroom walls. Only took 1 1/2 months. See if you can spot the theme.


Tonight’s plans have been finalized. Taco Bell and Ninja Scroll. Violence, tits, and junk food. I love being an adult.


Nothing like waking up and finding a fucking mouse in your kitchen. Guess now I have to get some traps, poison and maybe a cat for a more long term solution.


It seemed like my GBA collection was bigger when it was in the binder...


Just backed the Retro Fighters Next-Gen Dreamcast Controller on Kickstarter and Preordered Dan Kunz's Dreamcast HDMI mod kit with my state tax return. Figured the latter would be a good thing to test my new soldering station on.


My housemate got a snek. She’s a Kenyan Sand Boa. She still needs a name if anyone has a suggestion.


Just got a great deal on Castlevania Legacy of Darkness for N64! Over a week of prowling eBay at odd hours for it has finally paid off!


Help! None of my Sega 32X cartridges will work. Regular Genesis games play fine. Sega CD games that require the 32X play fine. All the contacts both in the console and on the games have been cleaned with 92% isopropyl. Any suggestions?


After years of owning cheap pop culture wallets I just spent $80 on a one that’s actually nice. It had better last me at least 10 years or I’ll be annoyed.


I’ve started Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far and I’ve decided to start KH1 over on easy because the camera and lock on system are borderline broken and it makes the combat borderline unplayable. Seriously, that game has not aged well mechanically.


Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far has finally been restocked on the Square online store! I bought a copy because it’s the only time in ages that the series has ever been approachable. Who’d have guessed a sensibly named game would sell so well?


I dreamt last night that Nintendo announced Joy Cons with a proper dpad so I’ll make that my prediction for todays Nintendo Direct. There were other things in the dream too but I can’t remember anything else. Also yes I really did dream about the Dire


One of the upsides to moving is that my new apartment’s internet router in the same room as my game systems. Now all my consoles have a direct wired connection to my 1Gbps internet connection. I am not going to miss waiting ages for updates to download.


I love the internet at my new place. I downloaded a 26GB file about 30 minutes. Speed feels good.


You know the weather’s been fucked when you see it’s 18 degrees and thank God it’s finally a reasonable temperature.


Well this took over three hours to set up. Haven’t tested everything yet but it should all work.


As of yesterday, we're now moved in to our new place. It went really well thanks to the movers doing a great job. Now it's time to be a responsible adult and set up my game room before I've even unpacked my clothes. Priorities are important.


If Retro is working on Prime 4 that must mean they’re basically done with whatever they’ve been working on since Tropical Feeze, right? Here’s hoping it’s a third DKC game.


I’m moving in just under two weeks. It’s a bigger place in a better area for the same $ which is all great. What isn’t great is having to pack and rent a truck and haul the washer and dryer from the basement. Moving sucks.


A guy on YouTube reassembled some of the songs from the original DKC games using their original uncompressed samples. Needless to say, it sounds fucking awesome!


After playing the RE2 demo, my interest has gone from high to astronomical! It’s everything I hoped it’d be and more!


Finally finished Persona 5. Don’t know why it took so long. I didn’t like it as much as P4 but that’s an astronomically high bar. It’s still the best JRPG of the generation by a country mile.


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