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No idea when or if I'll be starting my new job. They said they had a site on my bus route but that changed and I can't get to any of the ones they offered. This has made an already bad day worse. Guess I'll keep searching for work in the meantime.


I won a Dtoid contest! And it's actually a game I was interested in too. Cool beans!


Got all my job shit done today. I'm probably starting Thursday or Friday. Uniform is a polo shirt and military BDU pants so I'll look ridiculous but be comfortable. Also Persona 5 Royal With Cheese came. Not gonna start it until I beat FF7R but wanted CE.


Looks like I got the Kroger loss prevention job. Orientation is tomorrow at 11. So that's good.


Kinda wanted to get Aria of Sorrow and Harmony of Dissonance for GBA but holy shit those cartridges are expensive. Guess I'll keep playing the Double Pack which ironically is even more expensive.


Went to Kroger today and it was ravaged but it still had basically everything I needed. The cereal aisle was the worst hit. This was the only thing that nobody bought which restores some of my faith in humanity.


Have a phone interview for a job working loss prevention at Kroger on Monday. Pay is okay ($15h) but it's Kroger so it probably won't close. I really hope I get this. I really REALLY need it. Plus it's easy to get to on the bus.


I'm watching Clone Wars episodes with my housemate and I totally forgot how fucking great that show is. It's also really violent which is a nice change from Rebels where fights are anemic. And Ahsoka is easily my 2nd favorite SW character behind HK-47.


I invited the cat to sleep in my bedroom with me assuming he'd curl up next to me in my bed. Don't assume things with cats.


Fucking unemployment site is totally broken because the government sucks ass at running anything. I need to deal with 2 weeks of claims that it didn't contact me about and now I can't. Maybe it'll work at 1 or 2AM.


Don't know if it's a national thing but Door Dash has free delivery today. Help out your local restaurants if you can. I got my housemate and I gyros.


To anyone who got Doom Eternal, did it install from the disc or the internet? Tricerapops had to download 40GB of data with 10MB installed from disc on his standard Xbox One copy but I had a 5GB update and 35GB from disc on my collectors edition XO copy.


Doom Eternal CE is here!!! The helmet is way nicer than I thought it would be and actually (barely) fits my giant head. And yes, that cassette tape actually has tracks from the soundtrack on it as well as a code to download the lossless version.


Apparently my Doom Eternal CE is coming on Saturday instead of Friday. Which is weird because Amazon shipped it with UPS and they usually don't deliver on weekends. Hoping and praying they're wrong and it comes Friday.


Why doesn't Doom 2016 checkpoint you in front of the Gore Nests so you can immediately retry the fight if you die instead of having to shlep back there and collect everything again? Instead it's at the end of the last fight when I'm low on HP and ammo.


This morning was irritating. Left the kitchen for <10 seconds to put my drink out and returned to find the cat eating my ravioli. Then the chair I sit in to eat fell apart and I had to Gorilla Glue it back together while the caged cat mewled pathetically.


Royally fucked up the job interview. They did it virtually because of c-virus and I am incapable of talking into a webcam in one take without looking like a fuckup. If I had a person to talk to I'd have done fine. I really needed this job too.


Well I have a job interview on Monday. So that's good. The pay's about 20% better than my old one if they're not lying on Indeed. Hopefully I get it and I don't fucking hate it like I did my last one.


10 bars spread over five receipts means I'll get all five pieces of FFVIIR DLC from that promotion. The lady at the counter was super tolerant of my bullshit too. Plus Butterfingers are my favorite candy bar so I'm definitely going to enjoy them.


I accidentally ripped of five segments of toilet paper instead of four for my first wipe. This is a tragedy given the fact I only have about five months of TP stockpiled and it's apparently the most important thing you need to survive the Coronavirus.


Got my N64 Quake 2 cart to work. Had to reflow all the chips with fresh solder and that fixed it. Sucky thing is the custom end label is ruined. I'll still know what it is because it'll be next to Quake 1 but it interrupts the shelf uniformity.


People say I'm lucky to be so tall but I just hauled CV supplies down to the basement of my 100+ year old house and those stairs are not built for people who are 6'2" with wide shoulders. I almost fell crouch walking down with the bottled water.


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