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This whole writing thing is starting to go places for me. It's both weird and exciting. But I can't neglect the GCD, so here's a review for Doom 64.


Hey, I finally got around to posting on the Game Complaint Department. This review is of Turok, a game where you shoot rockets at innocent triceratops.


I'm surprised we've never seen a re-release of the 2013 remake of Rise of the Triad. Its sense of humour was tacky, but its gameplay had it where it counts.


I wanted to get something new up on the Game Complaint Department, so I wrote a review. I eviscerated the game so badly, that I think I'm instead going to turn it into Monday's kusoge article.


I finished Doom Eternal on Ultra-Violence. If only the DLC wasn't so expensive.


Nana Banana Banana Banana-nana-nana Banana Banana Ba-NAna


Me: I should focus on writing today. Brain: It's been a while since you played classic Doom, you can beat it in like 3 hours. -3 hours later- Me: Doom's done, writing now? Brain: What? You're not even going to start on Doom 2?


Time to make the kinkiest dating sim this engine can handle. Ignore the obvious signs I need to paint my nails.


I do all my best writing in the evenings, so why don't you distract me from that and AMA?


Out at my parents’ in the countryside with this happy pup. Figuring out the future and trying to unwind.


The artist from Perfect Gold did this adorable wallpaper for Pride month, and I'm in love with it.


I finished Sonic Forces and I didn't hate it. It wasn't great, but after playing through Sonic '06, my expectations were extremely low. I just hated it whenever anyone would open their mouth.


Got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and I can already feel my DNA speaking to me. We are. We are. We are.


Chicory: A Colorful Tale is out next week. To prepare you, I've dug up this advice for aspiring artists.


Review: Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World

Wonder Boy is a bit of a wonderful mess. The series never seems to stick to one style, developer, or nomenclature. Here we have a remake of Monster World IV, which is a sequel to Wonder Boy in Monster World, or, as it’s known in Japan...


Important news bulletin: They added wave-based Co-op to Chex Quest HD.


Review: Biomutant

The open-world genre gives me hesitation these days; it’s almost a bad word. I blame Ubisoft. Not another waypoint! Not another tower to climb! Not another cathedral to parkour through! I’ll get to the main plot soon, I promise!...


Cancelled my Series X order. I'd like to say that it's because of financial responsibility, but really, I looked further into its backwards compatibility and was crushingly disappointed.


Both my Xbox classic and Xbox 360 have decided they don't want to read discs anymore. If this is an attempt by Microsoft get me to buy a Series X, the jokes on them; even if I could find one, I couldn't afford it.


Rewire the entire United States in Kemco's Electrician

For Famicom Friday, I cover a lot of obscure titles because I find it more fulfilling than regurgitating games that people have more likely heard of, but the downside is that the cream usually rises to the top. Often, you haven’t hear...


I don't know why I even bothered trying to play Doom Eternal on console. I'm enjoying it much more on PC.


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