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So my fear with the new Star Wars movie is thus: Again, I adore Star Wars for a multitude of reasons. Like many, I dislike the prequels, BUT I kinda like episodes 7 and 8 for a couple of reasons...which are exactly why I'm anxious here (cont. in comments)


So this question came up in a recent hardcoregaming101-podcast and I want to post it here as well: If you switched the "creators" on the box, which would end up being the better game? "Sid Meyer's Punch-Out" or "Mike Tyson'S Civilization"?


The Little Mermaid-musical-actress being black is not a big deal! It's not any kind of deal. If you can't handle it, look at the calendar, then reevaluate and -arrange your priorities! All of them!


Spent the last two days doing some restorative work on this beaut with my boss. #Carporntoid


This is one Death-Stranding-ass music video...


Where mah wabbits at?


He took it as expected xD


FINALLY, the one we've all been waiting for.


Astral Chain, Daemon X Machina, Panzer Dragoon and the Mana stuff, Cadence of Hyrule....yeah, this was a good conference!


Not bad Microsoft......not bad. That is QUITE a bar to clear.


Just finished up Chernobyl. If you're ever up for a five-hour constant gut-punch: watch it. Really loved it (a few complaints aside)


Intriguing workplaces, chapter 1: today


I started with the respirator and a Shotgun....needless to say this was the most successful (and butt-clenching towards the end) SCAV run I had to this point.


.....Dedication is a cool thing.


Back from seeing the new Godzilla-movie. Long live the King!!!!!


Was looking for something a bit like The Ocean Collective and found these guys. A bit more on the Doom side. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


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