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For the two (approx.) folks on here who actually care about that stuff: The "remixed" re-issues of the first four Blind Guardian albums actually lower the Dynamic Range of the originals by quite a margin. That kinda sucks. That is all...


Yo, anyone looking for one of the greatest HC-Punk albums of all time? Well, there's a code for Bad Brain's 1981 debut in the comments. Just leave a quick quip if you nabbed it.


Just found an incredible appartment, it's sunny but not too hot and I found this at a flea-market for a Fiver (currently rotating)


I think I just got gifted the coolest tote-bag...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favorite dog-molester, Mike/Phil. Love you man.


First show at new place in the books


My new job is basically in Germany's version of Kamurocho and I'm currently sitting in a Tarantino-themed burger-joint.....this could turn out okay.


Me, two hours ago: "Hm, let's find out what the MANDY-hype is about"... Me, now: "I NEED AN ADULT!". Really, really good movie. If you haven't seen it: go and do so. I can't guarantee you'll like it, but it is something to behold.


Dawn of the final show :(


...and the price for "Most 19th-century gentleman descending into madness brought forth by cosmic horrors" goes to....


......and they say, it's hard to find...


Mr. Do, what Nintendon't.


So the final one I will do at my current workplace. It's a two-weekend special on our smaller stage.


Ninja Sex Party were performing at the Conan O'Brien show.....my YouTube subscriptions have reached peak-meta.


Watching “The Expanse“ and......it's really weird seeing the voice of Adam Jensen irl.


Fuck them lootboxes. I am so bad at haikus. Snow on Mt Fuji.


You know your job was the right one when having to leave it feels like a break-up. Actually managed to secure multiple gigs of which to choose for afterwards now but it still just feels like sugar for the pill at this point :/


For y'all fans of more ambient / darker electronic music: New LORN album out next week (the fifth iirc) #Electrotoid


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