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Now George Takei as well? Can we have 2016 back when folks just died?


Huh...Wolfenstein wasn't lying. There ARE a lot of things to do with a hatchet and a Nazi in there...


To all the German Wolfenstein New Colossus-Dtoiders: I of course don't use that, but...well... a friend of a friend might or might not have told me that there now might or might not be an unofficial patch out there to....you know....remove that censorship


Ever felt the urge to play a CGAish-Neon-Nightmare-Grindhouse version of Redneck Rampage? You might want to check out this one:


It's Halloween, so #ArbitraryMetalTuesday will feature a clip with a skellyman in it (by what was introduced to me at Wacken 2008 by a VERY drunk fellow as "The most worst Swedish band ever")


Update: Just founded the aforementioned Destiny 2 Dtoid clan. It's currently invite-only, but a blog is coming detailing all that shit (and giving newcomers a few hints). For the glory of Clan Robobutts


Is there a Dtoid Clan for Destiny 2 on PC? Shall I set one up? Really enjoying the game so far and clans really seem to enhance what is already way better than Destiny 1. Also: Zer0t0nin#2111 is the hookup


....when the big boss comes over to watch the premiere...


It's that time again...


Enjoying the last hours of my “weekend“ and looking ahead at a premiere-week that'll be filled with work. AMA


I'm actually looking forward to Evil Within 2. The first one wasn't great, but a fun romp through some trippy shit. Curious to see what they can come up with this time. Other (VERY sappy) reason in the comments.


Quick update: the cease-fire between @Dere @voodoome @Anthony%20 and me has taken effect. We agreed on the following terms: A) Fuck B) The C) Giants


Since he asked so nicely (and made me aware of my misstep), I will live up to my mistake and extra-include him: Fuck you @Anthony Marzano


I hereby declare my undying hatred for @Dere and @voodoome .....at least until 4 pm. your time when we can once again agree to the all-too-well-known mantra: Man, fuck the Giants.


How about a nice fuckin' Happy Birthday to our resident mom/dog/dick/any combination if those-lover, Mike Martin. Nice to still have you among us. EDIT: Why is this only going up now? Man, fuck Disqus


Finally was able to see IT for myself. Really well made movie, good actors, not in the slightest scary


It's #ArbitraryMetalTuesday, but as well the Day of German Unity, so here is some Metal from former Eastern Germany. Fun Fact: this band was initially named Macbeth and got banned after secret police visited a concert and deemed them inappropriate.


I hereby register #Tolstoid as the official Qpost hashtag for everything Russian-author-related.


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