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Stage completed (incl some special FX) Now on to lighting and rehearsals


's time for that song and dance


Remember small Finnish indie-dev "Panic Art Studios"? Most notably they did Hero Siege aaaaaaand the studio-head just went into a Twitter-tirade of the OOF-variety. Pic in comments, STRONG CN: racism


Well, my new Native Instruments Maschine MK3 just arrived and the package is now sitting here next to me, mocking me, for my colleagues got collectively sick and I have to work 9 am to 11 pm <.<


PSA: World of Horror is live on Steam. That is all.


Just bought and played a bit of Elderborn and....Eeeeeeeeeeech?


.....Well then.


Happy Birthday to Shoggoth. May it be weird


Found out where y'all meet your waifus *micdrop*


Looking for a neat little fast-paced strategy-game with a GREAT black/white artstyle (Occams would dig, I reckon), cool soundtrack and delightfully cheesy Metal-ness? Have I just found the game for you...


Hot Take: your partner is lacking. Seriously. Take a deep look at him/her/them and imaGINΣ░THΣM░T♢░BΞ░JŲ̵̨̛͚͈̲̘̂̀̐̓͌̒͗̀̀̔̄͂̔̌̊͛̇̀̆̓̉͊́͂̄̈́̔͛̑̃̌̏͗̔͒͛̓̽̂̀̓͒̓͐̓̕̕͘̚͝͝͝


Here's your reminder that John Cena is literally the smartest guy in the Transformers-franchise...


Was doing a lot of waiting today for a guest who never showed up because he had forgotten and didn't answer his phone. Anyway: while waiting I was doing a real impromptu Trance-Mix. Link in comments, just in case you're curious.


Happy Birthday to Wes AND Panda....which means I can't use that Twerking-Taco image I used past year or this'll get weird(er than it already is)


This is the stupidest thing and I laughed so hard....


So....Just got notified that a friend of mine died over the Holidays, while on vacation in Torino...of a heart-attack...at 27. Hug your loved ones while you can, as "See you later" is not always in the cards...


So ist seems Platinum will partner up with Tencent. If nothing else this will show us how many Folks were serious with their "It's definitely NOT that I just don't want to install another launcher.....also CHINAAAAAAA"-arguments.


So...someone made an album that is musically a mix between Rap and Black Metal blastbeats/screams, peppered it with some really depressing lyrics and released it around christmas..... .....who is this guy and why is he spying on me xD


Was doing work at an Italo-pop themed christmas-party and while I dislike most of that genre of music: fuck me, Ti Sento is still such a banger and had 450 folks singing along.


So, thanks to @house4lyfe and some fancy new equipment I just randomly sat down and tried my hand at making a mix after years "off". Still a bit rusty, but I published sth. Link in comments.


So, since mid-october I've had....two days off, insane work hours, rising depression and just got fucked over by one of the few persons I still had close....sorry for being a negative nancy here but there is literally nobody there. Send memes I guess.


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