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{Zer0-Bot} at {work}; >>>>>>> Combat Damage: negligible;


Well happiest of birthdays (relatively speaking) to one of the best human beings I know. You're amazing and I sincerely wish all the best for you....WHICH IS TAKING IT'S SWEET FUCKIN' TIME!!!!


Session 2 done. More pics in comments


Just finished watching the debate and....just..... what even...I'm at a loss for words at this absolute disgrace for political integrity.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday and now that the whole thing is out: it's one of 2020s best. Been waiting three years for this and it blew my expectatiobs out of the water ( @RiffRaff should like)


*throwshandsintheair* Well of course. WHY NOT?


As if September 18th wasn't already stuffed with (presumably) great new releases, SUNKEN will join the fray with a new album and if this pre-release track is any indication, it'll be at least on par with their 2017 release. Atmospheric Black Metal btw


So, Vlambeer is calling it quits. Thanks 2020...


Congratulations on another succesful trip around the sun, Mr. oftheblues...or should I say Mr. oftheblueoystercult...


Session one is done (Link in comments) Loving it so far!!!


Well, tomorrow there will FINALLY mark the beginning of a tattoo project I've had on my mind for around 15 years now....


Hadn't seen this clip so far, so maybe there's someone on here who needs to see this today :)


What is the most niche thing y'all can and like to nerd out about? For me, it's pretty much anything music-production related. Just got this new plugin and boy lemme tellOKAY I'LL STOP NOW


The review here is already glowing but WOW, Necrobarista is really good. Still in episode one (chapter 3) but still: the writing is great, witty yet poignant and perfectly paced and the presentation is so cool and a refreshing departure from textboxes.


HOLY SHIT, Moon RPG is coming to the Switch with an official English translation....and it's just a month away!!!


Escape from Ozark.......and the more I think about it, the more sense that makes....


Always the same: the worst customers are the ones who already paid a special price. JFC, there goes my first free weekend in three weeks.


As someone who learned to record orchestras and thus has buried his hopes of having somethign like that available for "just playing around during production", this just blew my mind a bit...


On my way to a business dinner with one of THE legends of the European Techno-scene from the late-80s, early 90s. Wish me luck.


One again, Bandcamp is waiving their share for the day to help artists through this. Here's one of my favorite recent finds.


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