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I say this a lot lately, but: I love you all! Huge thanks to anyone who interacted with me at all yesterday. Yesterday there was a moment where I actually teared up because I was so happy and everyone of you, two people especially much, was responsible <3


One of my relatives just asked if the name "Sarah Jane" (apparently a singer) tells me anything and I had to stop myself and take a moment to not say yes because of OUR Sarah Jane (Farron).


So I played the first three levels of Kero Blaster, which Panda got me, and it's really fun so far! Wish I could keep playing but I have to head out because of family dinner stuff, so rip


Someone please tell me: Under what conditions does this FFXV battle theme play? Because I just got into a random fight that had it playing and it's fucking amazing



Been a while since I played FFXV, but it's still wonderful! One of my favorite things is probably just when you're exploring and the exploration themes start playing.


Was thinking about posting something Christmas-y but this is actually the closest thing I was able to think of so I guess here's that!




I got stuff from Paaaanda, Bass, Nekro and a bunch of people who aren't on here! Today is a good day. I love you all <3


Oh also, I'm never actually sure whether to do this on 24th or 25th but since people are already doing it, Merry Christmas to you all! <3


Here's your track for the day!


To be honest I feel like this might be a bad time to publish this considering the whole controversy currently, but I wanted to write something for so long. I made a little, more personal Cblog! A track is in it as well, cause I feel like it fits well. :3


Struggling Against Fate

Note: This is more of a personal blog and not gaming-related at all. I know some people really hate positivity and optimism, but I still wanted to share this and talk a bit about myself and so I did! I hope that not only can I give you...


So I actually got around to playing the NieR: Automata demo and it's still the most hyped I've ever been for a game that isn't Metal Gear. It's so good! This has only served to strengthen my hype!


Track in honor of Nier Automata's demo apparently being out. I'm kinda sad though. Why do they have to do this on the exact day where I can't afford to take a break at all? I wanna play but I have to work on school stuff for tomorrow :(


A little throwback post to one of my favorite people on here. When I got to know him, his profile picture was Konata. He is a great friend, I love having him here and so should you! This place is better with him around :3 #JuIc3Toid


While everyone is talking about Tracer being gay, I'm just wondering why the comic art style makes her look like Sonic.


Track! Cuz I like it :3


Have any of you seen Big Order? It was a laughably dumb show (guy touches girl's bunny ears -> girl gets pregnant), not good at all, but I kinda found it to be entertaining for that. I actually found the soundtrack to be surprisingly nice at points though


Just watched the new IBO episode and I seriously don't get how anyone who's into Gundam at all can still hate this show (which I know at least 2 people that do). Season 2 has been fucking hype so far and I'm just getting more hyped up with every new one.


#Selfietoid in the comments, for those of you who want to destroy their illusion of me being a cute Gundam-loving anime girl irl. The rest of you may take a look at that before I become too self-conscious and start disliking this photo like usual :3


Haven't seen Aquarion (yet), but I always liked this song so here's that. Composed by Yoko Kanno!




I'd probably join selfietoid but that would require me to look not quite as awful as I do on Saturdays and you all know that I'm a cute anime girl irl anyway :3


Truly a happy family. 100% canon.


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